Trump Campaign Manager Smacks Down CNN’s Jake Tapper – Watch

Donald Trump is not just running for president against Hillary Clinton.  He’s running against the mass media.  That was the basic message Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort delivered to CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday morning.

All week long, Donald Trump has been hounded by a phrase that was taken to mean that he advocated actual assassination of his opponent.  He didn’t, of course, but the Donald’s mouth is forever getting him into trouble.  And the mainstream media has no problem pointing out where his words can easily have a double meaning.

Not only that, the fifth column, uh, fourth estate has been ignoring legitimate news stories in hot pursuit of Donald Trump and his slips of the tongue.  Watch Manafort explain in simple language what has been happening.

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How was that for a straight talking smack down without inflammatory rhetoric?  This writer is almost sorry she went to church on Sunday morning rather than watching this.

However, Manafort’s main points are exactly correct.  Real news – including the honest state of the nation as the election process unfolds – is being ignored by the mainstream media while they parse Donald Trump’s words and dig up potential conflicts with his supporters.  In addition, CNN was caught earlier this week making up a story.  On top of it, there is a sticking point with Donald Trump’s tax returns.  Given the number of businesses and financial interests the man has, anything sent to the IRS is bound to have more plot twists than a Spanish novel.  All of that is going to be misconstrued.

And then there is the matter of honestly reporting on Hillary herself, which we all know CNN is not doing.  Manafort brought up the conflicts of interest regarding donations to the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton’s income.  CNN didn’t report that.  They haven’t been keen to report much on her health and physical condition, either.

The Trump campaign is running a race that is attracting followers in numbers so far beyond what Hillary Clinton can draw it’s not even funny.  And they are doing it despite the lack of decent coverage from the mainstream media.  Just listening to Trump’s campaign manager make the point is refreshing indeed.

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