Trump Blasts Obamacare Skyrocketing Rates, Worse Than Clinton Democrats Claim

Even the Obama apologists at CNN can’t change reality to hide the truth as much as Hillary Clinton would like, or deflect the real damage the truth could cause her campaign. Obamacare increases of their admitted 26 percent will be bad enough, but Donald Trump says that’s the deceptive good news. The inaccurate, overly generous good news. “If you like your 26 percent increase you can keep your 26 percent increase” is a hard sell to make, given Obama’s track record. The real amount of increases will be much higher.

According to the government report released on Monday, those are the numbers. But that’s the corrupt Obama government and it is not to be believed. Trump sees increases more than doubling in some states, such as Arizona where premiums will rise by 116 percent. He names many others who are experiencing significant increases in premiums and deductibles and decreases in coverage.


The weak reporters at CNN blame “sicker-than-anticipated” customers, an admission by any insurance company that they’re not doing a very good job of risk management and analysis. How could all of the insurers have failed at such a basic and critical function simultaneously? It’s not likely that they did. There’s a little trickery involved somewhere. Maybe the inevitable and intentional failure to force us into a single payer socialist system is at work.

CNN also stated that Insurers want to see younger and healthier consumers enroll. Of course they do, and of course they won’t. But don’t blame Obama, Clinton, Pelosi or any of the other Democrats who forced this disaster through while demanding their colleagues pass it sight unseen. Actually blame all of them, they’re all responsible. Every yes vote belonged to a guilty co-conspirator.

CNN presses the Marxist health care position, stating “Most consumers, however, are shielded from these price hikes, especially if they return to the exchanges to shop after enrollment opens Nov. 1. Some 85% of Obamacare enrollees receive federal subsidies, which can lower their premium to less than 10% of their income.”

Does that mean that the costs simply vanish into thin air or that they will be assumed by the American public at large in a manner that eventually results in socialized medicine, just as Obama, Clinton and Soros demand? Trump knows what’s going on. He’s going to expose it so that just maybe the sheeple following the liars on the left will start to think for themselves and question the false narrative.

Sure, start with health care folks, but there’s so much more. Do you know what open borders, TPP and surrender to the climate hoax are going to do to us economically? Do you really want to go to war so that the Clinton cronies can make a quick buck? Have you thought about the United States as an Islamic state? Everything Clinton and Obama have told you is a lie. It’s time open your eyes; it’s time to wake up now.

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