Trump ANNIHILATES Media, NYT, Clintons In EPIC GLOVES OFF Speech – Watch

Under normal circumstances, this writer would be reluctant to post a forty-six minute video of any sort, but we live in extra-ordinary times, and today, Donald Trump put on a clinic in how to fight back when libeled by one of the American major dailies.

The “story” (face it, Dems, libs, progressives and feminists, it was a fairy tale – and a fractured one at that) hit the New York Times on the evening of Wednesday, October 12.  Supposedly, Donald Trump misbehaved sexually on a long flight and in the first class cabin.  Several members of the flying public debunked the details, and Trump himself immediately demanded a retraction with the threat of legal action.  Other women who have come in contact with Trump now are alleging similar misconduct.

In today’s speech in West Palm Beach, Florida, a visibly furious Donald Trump took these people, and their tactics, apart.  Noting that none of these women ever presses charges or complained about any of the “misconduct” before now, The Donald defended himself in a way that had the crowd cheering him on.

One report this writer read claims that Trump fumed all night.  Being an opera singer, I am here to tell you that in exhaustion, and fury, the first thing to go is the voice.  In the video below, Trump’s voice is showing evidence that he was up all night.  It’s tired.  But, he can’t give up.  There’s too much at stake.

After about twenty minutes, Trump tacks to actual policy and the Clinton/Obama record on foreign policy among other topics, but when it comes down to it, when he says that the great editors and founders of the New York Times and other publications have to be spinning in their graves at the scandalous activities done by reporters both in plain sight and as revealed by a whole lot of leaked John Podesta emails, he’s not kidding.

Grab a beverage and put your feet up.  This is good.

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