Truly Amazing! Divine Happenstance Protected Something Of Value After Car Explodes



The Memphis Police Department responded to a car accident around 2:30 p.m. Sunday when a Jeep Laredo left Tennessee State Route 385 and went up in flames after it was swiped by another vehicle, Fox 13 Memphis reported.

The SUV was engulfed in flames after it exploded.  Nearly everything  in the vehicle was destroyed except for a Bible in the front seat.  It was untouched by the heat and unchanged by the explosion!

A witness to the crash, Eugene McNiel, told Fox 13 he was only about 20 yards away when he saw the car clip the Jeep and jumped out of his truck to help.

“I didn’t care. I wanted to save that man’s life because I don’t want to see (anybody) get burned up in (a) car,” he said.

Officials told Fox 13 a Memphis police officer and several nearby motorists were able to pull the trapped driver out of the burning vehicle before it had exploded.

Later, they found the Bible in the front seat.

That is God,” McNiel told Fox 13. “You don’t believe? (Then) I don’t know what to say.”

After looking at the photo of the wrecked and burnt car, it’s hard to believe that the anyone could  survive.  An ambulance took the driver to a nearby hospital.  His injuries were non-critical.  That’s another miracle.

When you have sober witnesses and Police officers reporting the facts, there isn’t any justification for this but to believe it is a Miracle. It is truly Divine Intervention that sent a message to a chosen few. They are the witnesses who helped the driver out. They were given a Miracle by God Himself at the sight of God’s “Good Book” unphased by flames.

In my opinion, the message is an affirmation that GOD IS ALIVE and he definitely wants us to see and to believe that.  This is a good example, anything is possible, with God.


H/T:  Fox 13 News