True Legacy of Obama


The true legacy of Obama.  There is a certain despair at sitting at home anywhere from six to hundreds of miles away from a riot or bombing or other catastrophic event and watch history unfold.  We the People really are helpless when it comes to that sort of thing in America.  Obama’s America.  The one where All Lives DON’T matter, but black ones do. Where the man who sits in the presidential chair tries to guilt the members of one race into voting for a candidate who helped facilitate that reality.

To say that the American people are crossing the days off the calendar until the “elegant man” who Occupies the Oval Office moves out is an understatement.  The sentiment is well known among conservatives of all stripes, but not always of the rest of the silent majority.

The Internet Advantage

Thanks to the power of a FREE AND OPEN INTERNET, where all Americans can speak their peace, express opinions and get out the facts that the mainstream media won’t, several gentlemen of color, shall we say, have taken to making videos of their rants – opinions based on realities that are inconvenient to the regime in charge.  One such man, James T. Harris, a radio host out of Tuscon, posted the six minute video below on Facebook.  It is his statement regarding Barack Obama’s legacy as president…and it is not flattering in the least.

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Yes, Mr. Harris we are sick of it.  We are sick of race-baiting, exploitation, overspending in Washington, and paying BILLIONS in ransom to Iran. The FBI is NOT doing its job in a major treason case, terrorism coming to America, illegal immigration, cops being assassinated, and so much more.  We are all sick of it, and many people are waking up, the question is, is it enough?

Thanks to the James Harrises of the world and the availability of viral forums, calling Obama’s legacy what it is, is happening.  And calling him out for trying to guilt an entire race is refreshing to see.

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