Trevor Loudon, A Conservative Activist, Shares An Ominous Prediction If Hillary Wins!

Trevor Loudon

Trevor Loudon, A Conservative Activist, Shares An Ominous Prediction If Hillary Wins!

Conservative activist Trevor Loudon was a guest on “Breitbart News Daily” Monday morning, offering the ominous prediction of what will result if Hillary Clinton is allowed to take possession of the White House. Whether she actually gets a higher vote count or not, whether she is placed into office by the elites through fraud, it won’t matter.

This will effectively be our last election. She’s already promised that within the first 100 days she intends to make the illegals citizens through some hook or crook form of executive dictatorial action. It will be the corrupt Democrat state controlling everything from that point on, with nothing, not even a facade of an opposition party to stand in her way.


Trevor Loudon informs the audience that “Hillary Clinton is intimately involved in UN resolution 1618, which has been promoted by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the world’s largest NGO, which is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood. That resolution criminalizes criticism of Islam worldwide, including the United States. That will directly go against your First Amendment.” What he doesn’t say specifically is that it will also be a huge step in the direction of the imposition of Sharia Law in the North American Caliphate.

“She’ll obviously use the Supreme Court to shut down the First and Second Amendment.” He continues, saying, “I just want to make one big point. She has promised within 100 days of assuming office to legalize all of the illegal immigrants in the United States. Now that’s anywhere between 12 and 50 million people. We know from past patterns that they will vote between 75 and 80 percent Democrat. If she does that there will never be another Republican president, ever or anyone other than a Democrat. You’ll have effectively a one party state in America.”

Loudon warns, “Now if you think Obama was a totalitarian, you imagine Hillary Clinton with no effective Republican opposition ever. She will just go hardcore to strip all of your rights. Hillary Clinton is an ideological Marxist. People have to understand that. She’s worked with the communist movement her entire life. She works extensively with the Muslim Brotherhood.” He points also to her subversive actions with the Russians, those same people she and Obama are supposedly at war with, the ones she sold our Uranium to.

He asks how the nevertrump traitors will rebuild the conservative movement after sitting out the current election when they’ve put someone in power that will flood the nation with Democrats. There are only four explanations, they’re either stupid, complicit, a foreigner, or too screwed up to care.


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