Transgender “Female” Shot To Death in Department Store After Following Woman into Restroom



39 year old Donna Wright (born Donald Wright) was shot to death in a Bradford’s Department store in Colorado this weekend. The incident happened when Wright, who was dressed as a woman, attempted to use the women’s bathroom. A fellow shopper, 55-year old Kathleen Workman, politely asked Wright to use the Men’s room, since Wright was visibly a man.

This allegedly angered Wright and she became combative while following Workman into the women’s restroom. Workman says that Wright lost control and became using explicit language while continuing to follow her into the restroom. While they were both in the restroom, Workman says that Wright started to display what Mrs. Workman considered aggressive body language along with the verbal assault.

Workman said she became scared and she pulled her handgun from her purse, again asking Wright to leave. The sight of the gun allegedly enraged Wright, and that’s when Wright charged at Workman.

Fearing for her life, Workman fired three shots with her Kimber 1911 Ultra .45 caliber handgun in self defense. Donna Wright had stopped breathing and was pronounced dead upon arrival of emergency respondents.

Since there were no cameras or witnesses, no charges have been filed against Workman. Workman was licensed to carry a concealed weapon and the incident is being ruled as a shooting in self-defense, although an investigation is still pending.

Bradford management team followed Target’s lead last month and allowed transgender shoppers to use the restroom of the sex they identify with. They even posted a sign between the men’s and women’s restroom that reads:

“At Bradford’s we encourage all guests to use the restroom in which they identify with. Thank you, Sincerely, The Bradford’s Management Team.”

Unfortunately, I fear more and more incidents like this may occur as women are forced to share the restroom with the opposite sex.  The” I identify as” excuse is a slippery slope and it’s only a matter of time before 50 year old men “identify as” a 16 year old teenager to sleep with underage girls.

I mean, how far will we let this go?