TRAINWRECK: Watch Hillary Clinton’s Latest…Senior Moment?

Okay, folks, this is getting scary.  As in anyone other than Hillary Clinton, and either major party’s bigwigs would step in and say, “GAME OVER.”  This week, no less than three incidents of Hillary Clinton displaying the effects of some kind of neurological disorder have gone viral.  Speculation of just what the problem is ranges from Parkinsons to Aspergers to post-concussion syndrome.  Demonic possession has even been mentioned.  (Doubtful as the demons usually leave their own alone.)  It is well known that Hillary has a taste for the creature, as the Irish call hard liquor.  Memory lapses are not uncommon in alcoholics.  Then there is the big handler who seems to talk her through rough spots and is rumored to have valium in a syringe….

Well, there is a new video of yet ANOTHER…brain fart?  The first video out showed a sort of seizure.  And she has some sort of lesion on her tongue.  Then, Hillary fell.  Again.  Now…well, see for yourself:

[iframe id=”” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”640″]

Even without the editing and looping, this video from today, August 8, on the campaign trail just looks bad.  Yes, all of us lose our train of thought from time to time, but what the heck is an “upward spiral”?  (It was as if the subject matter just went POOF!)  At this point in any presidential campaign, the candidates are regurgitating talking points that are rehearsed and memorized.  Without a short-circuit of some sort in the brain, that locomotive should have left the station flying.  Even if she was reading a teleprompter.

So, Hillary and her mystery mental/neurological illness just keeps on trucking.  As someone who is available to a woman older than Hillary night and day for ailments and pill fetching, this is terrifying.  Something is wrong with Hillary Clinton, and it’s getting worse.  Bad enough that it can’t be hidden anymore, whatever it is.  Let’s just hope that more Americans recognize this than not and vote in numbers high enough to outpace the rigging being put in place for November.

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