Bill Clinton Schools Obama, Tomi Lahren Schools Them Both!

Bill Clinton Schools Obama, Tomi Lahren Schools Them Both!


One way Tomi Lahren describes fun is watching “old Billy Clinton” go off script and trash Obama’s biggest “accomplishment” in eight years, Obamacare. Clinton described the increased premiums and reduced coverages as “the craziest thing in the world,” to which Lahren replied, “ya think?”

She asks, “So are the Democrats finally admitting that their brainchild, a brainchild they ramrodded through Congress without the support of a single Republican may actually be the steaming sack of hot mess we knew it was back on March 23rd, 2010 when this sorry excuse for a ‘president,’ Barack Hussein Obama signed it into law? Well, it’s about damn time.”

Lahren points out that the Obama regime may soon begin bailing out insurers and that premiums are expected to rise by about 20 percent this year as even more Americans lose coverage. She points out some of the other attributes of the law, saying, “It’s a job killer, it incentivizes unemployment, it turns doctors into accountants and young people don’t want anything to do with it despite how hard Obama tries to pimp it out.”

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Lahren says, “It’s an epic disaster. Maybe that’s why y’all should read it before you pass it, right Nancy? But Barry is gone soon, back to the golf course so that leaves us with a potential Hillary as president. But hasn’t she been rather silent on this issue? We know what Bill thinks, but what about Hillary? Isn’t she the one that’s going to continue Obama’s legacy?” She asks Clinton for her position, her solution. She laughs at the notion of a public option as the solution to more government being yet more government.

“I hope you get out and vote,” she urges the Democrats hit by this stupid law, “because this election isn’t about Alicia Machado, late night tweets, tax returns or even Hillary’s “pneumonia.” It’s about kitchen table, bread and butter Americans that are sick and tired of taking it in the shorts so that Obama can ride off into the sunset on his golf cart with his healthcare legacy in tow while the rest of us are left holding his sack of crap.”

“And I hate to tell you,” she notes, “but if there’s one politician that wants a legacy more than Barack Hussein Obama, it’s Hillary. How much more can we afford to lose? Attack Trump all you want for not paying more than he had to on his taxes but at least he isn’t taking money out of your pockets.”

Lahren reminds us, “Oh, and don’t forget the time when Hillary’s State Department ‘misplaced six billion’ through improper filings. When Trump loses money, he suffers. When the Obama administration and Queen Hillary lose money the taxpayer is left with the bill.

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