Tomi Lahren DESTROYS Racist BET Awards with a BRUTAL Rant That’s Going VIRAL!

Tomi Lahren

Tomi Lahren DESTROYS Race Baiting BET Awards with a BRUTAL Race Rant That’s Going VIRAL! (Video Below)

The BET awards were filled with anti-white rhetoric, but due to the disgusting double standard we live in today, the hate speech against whites was praised.

Actor Jesse Williams gave a speech that, if he were white, would be fit for the KKK. But since the speech was against white people instead of black people, he is labeled “courageous”.

Conservative bombshell Tomi Lahren wasn’t having it though. She came out swinging in a video that has taken the internet by storm.

In the video, she plays clips of this racist, Jesse Williams, claiming that cops only de-escalate situations when white people are involved.

Williams, a Hollywood millionaire, then goes on about his “oppression”, while threatening people who don’t agree with him. That is when Tomi DESTROYS his “equality” argument.

Please tell me what rights black people don’t have?, she asks.  “Also, do you know how many of OUR ancestors fought in the Civil War to free YOUR ancestors? “

Tomi points out that white people are NOT the problem, racists like Jesse Williams are the problem. “Do you see yourself as a victim? she asks. “If so, I feel sorry for you.”

“For someone who wants equal rights it sure sounds like you prefer special treatment.”

Tomi concludes the video by just demolishing everything Williams stands for.

“You’re not a humanitarian, you’re not a unifier. You’re not teaching black children to go forth and conquer. You’re teaching them to feel sorry for themselves! Nice work, and how about YOU sit down!”

Hell yeah Tomi! This double standard has gone WAY too far! As one top comment from Darryl Davis puts it,

It blows my mind how black people, on a show for black people, on a network for black people, can have the audacity to stand in front of a crowd of black people and call white people racist, and portray themselves as victims.”

Crazy right?


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