Tomi Lahren – Clinton Blames Politically Incorrect Trump For Bombings


Crooked Hillary Clinton is attempting to deflect attention away from her role in bringing Islamic terrorism to America by blaming Donald Trump. She says it was his standing up to their barbarism that made them angry and caused things to escalate. If we would all just submit like the good little sheep she wants us to be then we wouldn’t have this problem. Tomi Lahren disagrees with Clinton’s line of thought.

She says, “So an Afghan war man is sought in connection with both the NYC and New Jersey bombings and we aren’t supposed to jump to any radical Islamic conclusions, okay.  Hell, we aren’t even supposed to say Islam right? Not yet – too soon, okay, fine.”

“But yet Hillary Clinton stands there, which is hard for her to do anyway, and implies Donald Trump has committed treason and that’s okay?” She then plays a clip of the programmed old bitty once again scolding America, putting her idiocy and dishonest distortion of the truth into words.

Clinton tries to make a distinction that puts her on the right side of the issue in her twisted fantasy world, that he should be talking in terms of a war against jihadists that number in the tens of thousands rather than all Islamists who she claims number only tens of millions. It’s familiar, an argument Hussein Obama started making years ago, as did John Kerry. It didn’t make any more sense then than it does today.

Lahren points out that the various terrorist groups, such as the Islamic State, are confused by all of this back and forth about what to call the savages, they seem to think they’re Islamic. Lahren actually agrees with Clinton on one point. This is not a war, America wins wars. “This is a skirmish in which ‘president’ Obama, our lackluster generals turned bureaucrats and our wimpy secretary of state, first you and then Kerry, have engaged in a tit for tat when this could have been over in weeks.

She calls Clinton’s claims that political correctness is responsible for the actions of these terrorist thugs “absolute BS,” and asks, “Do you think we are stupid? The only ones giving aid and comfort to the terrorists are those that refuse to offend terrorists or call them Muslims.”

Obviously Clinton hasn’t caught on to the fact that it is a shortage of stupid people developing, a fact that is in no small part responsible for her political nosedive. She’ll figure it out soon enough, about another month and a half or so should be sufficient.

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