Toddler Rock Climbs HOW HIGH Without Harness? Crazy!

19 month old

Toddler Rock Climbs Like A CHAMP!

19 month old

19 month old

Every parent thinks their kid is amazing. Ellie Farmer’s just happen to be right. Young Ellie doesn’t throw rocks like most kids. She climbs them.

While it may sound unbelievable, Ellie is capable of scaling a 7 foot climbing wall. WITHOUT A HARNESS! Apparently, she could climb at 8 months before she walked at 10 months.

The toddler’s parents released of video of her back in June when she was 19 months old. 52 million views later, Ellie is an athletic sensation.

Under “Little Zen Monkey” Ellie has a Facebook page, which over 45,700 people have “liked,” that catalogs her climbs. In September she was on the Ellen Show demonstrating her skills.

Climbing is a family trait. Ellie’s parents, Zak and Rachael, are both competitive climbers. Oddly, the Farmers didn’t push climbing on Ellie, she took to it all on her own. Watching other climbers at the gym since birth, she began to pull up and attempt it on things around six months old. 2 months later, she doing it all by herself.

Because she is too small for a harness, Ellie is “bouldering.”  It’s a style of climbing that does not use a harness and centers around lower heights and short, powerful movements.

Ellie is never out her parents’ reach, though. One of them is always there to spot her. Anytime she has fallen, they have been there to catch her.

The only exception is when she just a foot or so up the wall. From that height her parents allow her to land on the 12″- 16″ pads that they surround her wall with. Climbers themselves, they understand that falling is a part of the sport and want her to know how it feels. Thus far, Ellie finds it funny.

In an era full of childhood obesity and tech-heavy entertainment the Farmers want to promote her interest in an active sport.”People are really excited about what we’re doing and that we’re getting our kid outside, keeping her active and encouraging her to be strong as she grows older,” her mother, Rachael stated. “I want to encourage her to be a child, to develop those muscles.”

Ellie’s parents have said that they will keep her in the activity as long as she is interested.


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source: CNN