Tim Kaine, A Catholic Who Mistakes Wishful Thinking For Dogma

Over the years there have been some pretty notorious CINOs as we like to call them – Catholics in Name Only – in public life.  In fact, every Sunday, a lot of us Catholics sit next to such people in church.  Understanding that the Catholic Church is a hospital for sinners goes a long way toward the patience we all display when someone we know is shrugging off age old Church teaching, and taking Eucharist.

People who do this and who are not public servants don’t give scandal.  Catholics who are persistent in their flaunting of Church teaching and who are government representatives on the other hand…. Yeah, they need to seek guidance from their bishops.

Right now, the American Catholic in public life giving off the most amount of scandal is Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine (D-Va.).  In addition to his stalwart defense of a crime against humanity – abortion – the man is now walking around the country publicly proclaiming that sooner or later the Catholic Church will bow to public opinion and endorse same sex “marriage.”

Talk about wishful thinking….

Kaine is one of those baby boomer Catholics who were infected at some point with a variation on what has come to be known as “liberation theology,” when the liberation is supposed to be from sin, not changing what is sin in order to be liberated.  (Many of them passed on the heresy to their children, too.)  The roots of the movement were begun in good faith, and do offer quite a bit for Christians to chew on regarding our responsibilities, but…are very much communist in nature and do reflect the free for all sexual mores that the political and social left really would like to supplant Christian social teaching.  (Pope Paul VI warned about this.)

Yes, somehow, despite the writings of St. Ignatius Loyola and other men of the founding century of Jesuits (Society of Jesus, founded 1540 A.D.), this apostate idea of liberating freedom has infected the once great order, and like the pseudo-Catholics we joke about the Jesuits being, a definite lack of firmness from them in confirming 2,000 year old directives has sewn the seeds of confusion…and has inspired speaking aloud honest to goodness wishful thinking.

The long and short of it is, no matter what the pope at any one time is considering or studying, the Church must stand firm on absolutes, or risk error taking hold.  At this time, due to dialogue that probably will not yield anything other than confusion because we in the pews hear that matters are being discussed, but not what the actual directives are from the mainstream media.  In the case of Pope Francis, just about everything he has done has actually reflected Sacred Tradition and honest Catechesis regardless of how it was twisted, spun and then reported.  (Usually, the story is not completed on the back end. Seriously, the man would spend all day hearing Confessions if he could.)  The reality that the theologians examine every aspect of life from every angle before issuing papers and directives – or at least they are supposed to – is the basis for the glacial speed of any sort of information from the Vatican on faith and morals. (The current leftist bent from the Vatican on some matters is based in the people advising, not Church teaching.)

And so to hear the Tim Kaines of the Catholic world say that same sex marriage someday will be blessed by the Catholic Church is ridiculous.  (He’s not the first person I’ve heard say that.) No matter what wishful thinking may bring, or what the gatekeepers of social opinion may be pushing this year, the absolute that marriage is between a man and a woman cannot change.  The reason being, is that according to natural law, which Church teaching sanctifies, marriage must allow for the possibility of propagation of the human species.  Same-sex marriage, by definition, cannot yield children.

Not going to get into the deep weeds on childlessness, and what factors lead to annulment and all that.  Let’s just say lying, willful refusals, and coercion beforehand are disqualifiers.  Disease, and disability ARE taken into consideration.

That’s where you’d think Tim Kaine would have learned basic Dogma.  It isn’t hard.

“And, you know, like many people of faith, including maybe many in this room, my support for marriage equality now–my full complete, unconditional support for marriage equality–is at odds with the current doctrine of the church that I still attend. But I think that’s going to change, too. I think that is going to change, too. And I think it’s going to change because my church also teaches me about a Creator, in the first chapter of Genesis, who surveys the entire world, including mankind, and says: It is very good. It is very good.”

And the church you attend, Sen. Kaine, also teaches that in that passage from Genesis, God made them man and woman in order to be fruitful and multiply.  If you LISTEN to what is preached at the Masses you attend, you might pick that up.

This is, to an extent, abortion all over again.  Legality signals social acceptance which signals the action is good.  What same sex marriage does is reduce a covenant between two people to a mere contract.  This is what Christian marriage REPLACED when pagan societies were converted.  The fight against same-sex marriage also is nothing new.  Ancient Rome allowed a variation of such a bond.  It took hundreds of years to convince the people they were wrong.

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