Tim Kaine Breaks All Records For Low Turnout At Campaign Event

Normally the corrupt Democrats will bus in some union groups or paid actors pretending to be Clinton supporters to fill the seats and stands. They at least attempt to make it a little less obvious that nobody outside of the elites, Hollywood, entertainers, financial parasites, globalists and establishment hierarchy supports their criminal ticket. Somebody within the campaign apparently messed up. It was this past Monday, so at a minimum the unions should have been able to get their unprincipled minions over to affirm their undying love and support for the evil one or her running mate. What happened?

At what point does a rally become something else, like just a few guys hanging out or “chillin with the freak?” While Kaine is undoubtedly not the kind of guy you’d give a spare house key to and tell to “drop in anytime,” they are supposed to be able to tolerate him at least for the duration of a campaign speech.


Beyond mere tolerance, is there an enthusiasm requirement for a designation of a gathering as a rally or is the presence of a finite number of bodies in possession of a pulse sufficient? By these standards my last visit to DMV was  “rousing” and “electric.”

You know your campaign is in trouble when Kaine, the man designated to be president when Clinton finally can’t hide her health any longer or drops dead can only draw about thirty people to an event. Security is unsurpassed for this West Palm Beach, FL, event, as the ratio of Secret Service agents to attendees appears to be about four to one. It might even be better than that as some of those attendees are likely plain clothes officers as well. For all we know there were no attendees, only Kaine, his promoters and his protectors.

It’s much more than he needs in the way of security. With his party being the one that conducts the dirty tricks and thuggery and no civilians even aware of his existence, he’s not in any danger. It’s okay, though, the Clintons’ have plenty of other people’s money to throw away on security and everything else, including bribes and lots of false, negative ads.

Clearly that isn’t enough. The American people seem to have figured out their scam. They’ve got something better to do than stand around and be lied to by weird little elf people. You’d expect to see more people than this at a typical five-year-old’s birthday party.

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