Three Thug Disrupters File Lawsuit Over “Bad Names And Hurt Feelings” Against Trump


Three racist black troublemakers who deliberately interrupted and disrupted a Donald Trump event are now taking their aggressive subversion against political views their puppet masters disagree with to the next level.

It’s now widely known and even acknowledged by the George Soros radical Marxists, including BLM and, that he’s the money behind their so-called demonstrations. They’re nothing more than an attack on Trump’s First Amendment rights and the American people’s right to participate in the electoral process. Soros wants to control the world and in order to do so he first needs to control America. For that plan to succeed he must silence his opposition, which he has clearly identified as Donald Trump.

The three punks made a deliberate decision to disrupt the Trump event, whatever their motivation. Whether they are on the payroll of Soros or are just self-absorbed thugs out to cause trouble, they are now attempting to make a name for themselves and to get into Mr. Trump’s wallet by taking him to court. They’re complaining about being called racial slurs and being “attacked” at a rally in Louisville, KY. It was their own misconduct that drew the attention and the response, and it was well-deserved.

Trump’s alleged responsibility for their supposed injuries, according to a report by NBC News, is that he “creates an atmosphere of violence.” It alleges that “Each time he said ‘get them out,’ Trump intended for his supporters to use unwanted, harmful physical violence to remove protesters.” The implements of extortion who filed the frivolous suit are Kashiya Nwanguma, 21; Molly Shah, 36; and Henry Brousseau, 17.

The atmosphere of a Trump rally is patriotic and positive; in no way is it violent except as a response to outsiders who are deliberately intent on disrupting the events. The Marxists and their useful idiots, such as the three who filed the baseless lawsuit, are themselves the source of any violence.

It’s time to dispense with the dishonesty on the part of the CFR puppet media as well as the judiciary for allowing this nonsense to progress to this point. The three instigators got less than what they deserved because Trump supporters are largely law-abiding. They deserved to have the anger of the crowd unleashed upon them for disrupting an event that they waited hours for and had every right to enjoy without their interference. They should be thanking Mr. Trump every time they look in a mirror, recognize the reflection, and count the same number of teeth.

At a minimum the thugs deserved the verbal retaliation to the assaults that they received in response to their assaults upon the crowd. If they don’t want their fragile feelings hurt, they shouldn’t go into a crowd of people and incite them. That’s not smart, regardless of who they are or their purpose for gathering. It’s not a safe or smart or courteous thing to do. If the thugs are neither smart nor courteous, they’d better get used to compromised safety.

While the lawsuit, filed on Thursday, is clearly frivolous, you never know when a lack of integrity will play a role in moving it along. Just as Corey Lewandowski ran into a sheriff who has sold his soul to the Clinton camp, an assumption of integrity on the part of a public official often has no foundation.

The [expletive deleted] trash got, at a minimum, what they had coming and may now get what they don’t deserve, a favorable ruling on a case that has absolutely no merit. We are dealing with the impact of the Democrat Party being taken over by Marxists and exerting their anti-American influence. That is what happens when you have corrupt outlaws occupying the White House and the system further degrades with each passing day.

Justice is now a crap shoot. Thanks Bill Clinton, thanks Hussein Obama and thank you, Hillary ‘Ethel Rosenburg” Clinton.

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