Threatens War With US – Mexican Vicente Fox Is Talking Bullets Not Burritos


Mexico is our enemy, they are one that we have a somewhat cordial, one-sided relationship with, but they are our enemy nonetheless. They are and have been for decades, engaged in the invasion of the United States, much of it with the assistance, particularly blatantly of late, with the help of the hijacked US government.

There is also the matter of drug trafficking and armed incursions into the United States by Mexican nationals as well as the organized crime that they support. These are the actions of a hostile, enemy. They are not the actions of an ally.

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox has further substantiated these beliefs in comments he recently conducted with kickass politics. Fox initially chose to merely distort the perception and malign the character of Donald Trump individually. He later expanded upon those comments to include a threat against all Americans.

Of course it is always worth saying, particularly when the global government cabal’s tool, Mr. Fox is speaking, that what Trump is advocating is a return to policies of enforcing the laws of the United States which are already on the books. It’s also noteworthy that our laws, if they were to be fully enforced are still less strict than those of the mouthy POS Fox’s home nation.

Fox said, “This [sic] words and messages of hate” are bringing us “back to the era of the ugly American which was, the gringo was hated all around the world. And this guy, pretty soon he got the title. He is the ugly American. He is the hated Gringo. Because he’s attacking all of us, he’s offending all of us.”

Fox is the ugly Mexican and we don’t think much of him either, insulting us all by name-calling, referring to us as Gringos. Nobody called him any of the derisive names that are begging to be hurled his way and of which he is most deserving. As a former president we might have hoped for more but he doesn’t represent the people of Mexico any better than they represent themselves.

He then expands on those comments, saying, “Imagine, that could take us to a war, not to a trade war,” which he reaffirms to the interviewer. He adds, “I can tell you in Mexico, we have a saying. Okay, we say we are chiquitos, we are small, but we’re picosos, we’re like the jalapeño. So don’t play around with us. We can jump walls, we can swim rivers and we can defend ourselves.”

As is typical, Fox wasn’t clear and one has to wonder what kind of threat that is. They’re already jumping walls and swimming rivers to get into America and unless they are retreating back to where they belong, those actions don’t involve defensive measures but are offensive.

As for the last words of his threat, “we can defend ourselves,” does Fox mean they’re refusing to leave and will be holding their squatting positions? Is he prepared to make his invasion an armed one? Is he advancing the possibility of armed reinforcements jumping walls and swimming rivers once the current charade and complicit arrangement with the Obama regime is no longer serving their purpose?

Those would have been good questions to ask. We’re lucky Donald Trump has forced them into the open declaration of their intent as soon as he did. Nobody needs friends like Vicente and his chiquitos.

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