2016: Cultural Libertarianism Purging America Of Political Correctness Thanks To Donald Trump

Open minded people learn something new every day.  Take, for instance, the phrase “cultural libertarianism.”  Before watching Milo Yiannopoulos talk about it, and how the idea of cultural libertarianism has manifested now that the mainstream and self-styled “conservative” media have so many narratives running all aimed at taking down a single candidate for president exposing the reality that popular opinion is in the midst of being swayed, it’s not something that exactly gelled, but Milo has a point.  In a rather rambling 27 minute interview on the Rubin Report, he explains his reasoning, and makes some persuasive arguments that nothing is really as it is presented by the people who are supposed to know what they are talking about.

In 2016, we are told that America is a racist, classist, homophobic, xenophobic place to be.  Narratives found all over entertainment, news media, and social media confirm this.  The question all Americans should be asking ourselves is…is it true?  Milo asks: how many people still belong to the Ku Klux Klan?  Good question.  Anyone paying attention knows that #BlackLivesMatter is bankrolled by George Soros, a man committed to infesting the civilized world with chaos and bankrupting nations.  Who is it that brings up class differences?  Who is it that uses educational and economic divides as wedges to differentiate between Americans?  Who is it that points out that Donald Trump lives in luxury, as if he didn’t make billions of dollars on his own?  Who is it that pits Americans against each other by reporting the “in your face” demands of homosexuals without shaming them for violating other people’s rights?

These are the sorts of questions Americans should be asking, and thanks to one non-politician running for president – someone who actually has to LIVE with the laws passed in Washington in the business world – a lot of us finally are, and we’re starting to speak our minds on the topic.

Americans who live on the fruited plain are not racist, classist, xenophobic or even homophobic when it comes down to it.  We recognize that there are differences between the various groups living within our borders, and we all know darn well and good that stereotypes arise from base truths about any one group.  Yes, blacks are loud.  Yes, white trash women have big hair.  Yes, oriental women wear socks with their high heels.  Yes, homosexuals are over the top.  So what?  Interestingly enough, that really is what most people in the United States have to say on the matter.

The divide and conquer strategy practiced on the American culture has very much been exposed right along side the attempt to change the face of the nation.  When it comes to immigration, the issue for every day Americans is not those who stand in line and pay highway robbery rates to emigrate to our shores.  It’s the ones who travel across the desert, cut a hole in the fence on the southern border, drive through and disappear inside the country.  With all luck, a decent sized concrete wall with plenty of rebar will slow down the illegals.  THAT is what the vast, silent majority out in flyover country understand.

The truth that the gatekeepers of the national narratives refuse to report is that economic conditions in the United States really are not all that great, especially for the middle class – the people who are not cut out to go to college and work in an office.  The industries where millions of Americans used to work are gone, victims of a combination of protectionist tariffs, government regulation, and some greed on multiple levels.  That information is treated as passe, something that was news years ago.  To the people living with the consequences, it is very much a reality.  The people are slipping into poverty, and are not getting any assurances from the top that these conditions will change any time soon, especially with the weight of ObamaCare on the backs of the people.

None of this has anything to do with race or sexual orientation, abortion or any other social issue blown out of proportion by politicizing it.  2016 is the year that all of that goes away for a presidential election, and We the People are making the statement that government’s job is to ensure safety and security at home, and keep the playing field level for workers.

All the rest…we know it’s smoke and mirrors.  Really, no one cares that the men and women inhabiting Foggy Bottom have a virtual orgy going on at all hours of the day and night.  What we don’t like is the cover-up of it especially by sanctimonious television evangelist types.  We don’t like being lied to.  We don’t like hearing promises of improved security and then reports that the border has a manpower problem.  We don’t like hearing that the economy is great, and then unemployment is under-reported because people are no longer eligible for government benefits.

And that is just two topics.  Never mind the invasion by members of a “religion” hell bent on either changing the laws of the country or killing us.  That hasn’t been reported all that well, either, and yes, we know that.

More or less, 2016 is the year American culture returns.  The people have had enough, and thanks to this little invention called the internet – where freedom of speech DOES reign if you get off of social media platforms where the actual owners are busy censoring what is disseminated – we are able to find out a lot more information about what the gatekeepers have been hiding from us.   There is no free pass on the narrative that we are anything less than we’ve always been: independent, brash, innovative, and not fond of fast talking snake oil salesmen.

That’s the America most of us love.  Thanks to Milo for reminding us of what it is that makes us American.

p.s. the one thing I do disagree with Milo on is reparations for slavery.  It wasn’t just the slaves descended from Africa who who were treated badly.  The Irish were treated worse.

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