The Heartbreaking Plea From A 16-Year Old German Girl To Save Europe


There is nothing so heartbreaking than to see a young, idealistic person with a whole life ahead of them have all of their preconceived notions of a safe, and idyllic life shattered.  Such is the case of 16-year old Bibi Wilhailm of Germany (exactly where she is from in Germany doesn’t matter).  The poor girl is watching “asylum seekers” and “refugees” invading Europe, running rough shod over local laws and customs, and individually terrorizing the people.  She is also recognizing that the state – in this case Angela Merkel’s Germany – is doing NOTHING to stop it.

Bibi decided to make a video – 20 minutes long, and in a string of thoughts that could use more of an outline, but no less powerful for their disorganization – and post it on Facebook to help get word out of Germany as to what is happening there.  The people are quite well aware that censorship is hampering this effort, especially since criticism of the government is not tolerated in Germany.  According to Moonbattery, the account where the video was posted has been disabled.

Bibi’s plea repeats the litany of transgressions we have heard outside of Germany and the other countries trying to censor the information.  Rapes, sexual assault, and behavior considered rude in the west are terrifying the women of the country.  They are afraid to go out alone.  Unfamiliar men walk up to them and tell them that Allah is not happy with the way they dress.  Bibi doesn’t care about that and says so.  (She indicates no specific religion or desire to be religious, but does not denigrate those who are so long as they follow the law of the land.)

This girl asks – rather pitifully as only the young who are in the process of accepting some hard realities about people they once idolized do – where the leaders of her country are.  Why they are not looking out for the people of Germany.  She asks the men to be men, and do their jobs as protectors of women and children from harm.  So far in the stories that have made it out of Germany during this ordeal, there has been no mention of men defending women other than telling asylum seekers that the saunas are closed when there are women in them.

Bibi speaks directly to the migrants and tells them that they have no rights to behave so boorishly as guests in a foreign land.  The people who are passing through have no rights to insult the people, no right to “feel them up,” no right to touch the girls when they are wearing t-shirts.  No right to terrify the people who are only trying to help them.

She then asks for the people of Germany to organize peaceful demonstrations.  Nothing violent, she says, just walking the streets with signs protesting “Fatima Merkel” in reference to an actress who appeared in a French film “May Allah Bless France.”  “When you don’t do it for yourself, do it for your women or your children,” she says.

The last four minutes with minor punctuation changes:

Every single triumph is our luck.  We are really, really happy, because we are afraid.  Absolutely.

I hope that the government changes its stance soon. Because what Angela Merkel does, Fatima as some call her, isn’t normal anymore.  I don’t know where she has left her head. I don’t know what she wants to achieve with this, but, Angela it is my sincere thank you that you destroyed Germany like this, that you play like this with the [German] psyche, that is abnormal.  Thank you that you destroyed Germany like this.  You don’t have any respect now.  It feels like nobody has any respect for you anymore.  I am really sorry, but do you even deserve this after what you did to us?  And I also don’t think that you know what you are doing because you still haven’t closed the borders and you still want to take more of them.  I can’t understand how you can still ignore it all.  Open your eyes and finally do something for Germany.  You are destroying Germany.

Is it normal that I with 16 [years] am afraid of going out at 6pm in winter and always look behind me?  No, it is not normal.  You destroyed Germany.

I also don’t understand what politicians even want to achieve with this.  I can’t understand it.  I believe they really want to destroy Germany.  And I find it sad that nobody does anything for the homeless.  The refugees they collect everything, nice clothes.  But the German homeless people get nothing. That’s it.  That’s the truth.  It’s a really sad truth.

I ask myself…I think that I could accomplish something with this video, that I could get approval from some people, but if I could really accomplish with this video. We will see it in some time.

So, now I want to thank everyone who watched this video, and my big plea is that you protect the women and us girls because it is a cry for help that everybody ignores right now.  People, I am really afraid.  My friends are also afraid.  My friend even bought pepper spray and an electroshocker because it is abnormal what is happening right now.  I hope that I could achieve something with this video, that something changes soon because nobody wants to live in such a world.

Please, do something.  Protect your women.  Protect your children. Protect us.

Bibi, you did achieve something.  You got word out to the larger western world and gave us hope that there is some spunk left in the German people that there are individuals willing to challenge the censorship and the social media bans that are in place by your government.  Your Facebook account may be disabled, but we still have access to your words.  We still hear your cry.  You are by no means alone, and Germans are not the only people frustrated by governments who do more to appease those invading the country than they do to protect their own people.  It’s happening just about everywhere in the west except for Hungary.  Even in the United States.

Bibi, you are a brave girl.  Keep your chin up, and your pepper spray close.  It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

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