Texas Sellout Sen Cornyn Supports Open Borders, Globalist Takeover of US


Establishment tool and anti-American traitor, Senator John Cornyn (R-TX), made himself a prop in his open borders message after becoming an expert on the situation during a Tuesday boat ride on the Rio Grande. Not surprisingly, the globalist said that walls and fences don’t work; the answer is a “virtual” fence, the equivalent of “virtually” doing nothing. A virtual fence is what compliments our minimal current structures, and they’re often in poor repair, unmanned, and a series of gaping holes. Cornyn and his global government puppet masters are happy with America being “virtually overrun” by anyone who cares to saunter in.

We can remember during the hard sell of anti-American  TPP, Senator Cornyn standing with his fellow sellouts of their nation, Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and John Thune (R-SD). We’ve been told innumerable times that a fence or wall wouldn’t work. The reason walls surround prisons and the Vatican is precisely because that is a lie. They work extremely well, so well in fact, that the globalists have to oppose them as they interfere with their plans.

Cornyn told reporters, “It’s more than just a physical obstacle. What we need is a virtual border.”

Actually, Cornyn, what we need is a Congress that isn’t populated by self-serving whores to Marxist puppet masters willing to sell themselves and their nation for personal enrichment. Those people would have given us a secure border long ago.

Cornyn made his comments after touring a bridge too, effectively making him a walking encyclopedia of border and security expertise. The bridge, soon to be renowned as “the bridge of enlightened Senators,” was the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge near the Texas-Mexico Border. His companion and backup for all of the anti-American drivel was Senator Bill Cassidy, a rising star in the world of political corruption.

Asked about a border wall, Cornyn responded with his scripted message, “It’s more than just a physical obstacle. It’s people. It’s the boots on the ground and it’s the technology.” He and his comrades are in the majority, why aren’t those boots and technology in place already? Do we just wait, defenseless until a real Congress that will act in our interests is somehow accidentally elected?

He continued, pretending that our current immigration system, if properly enforced, would still be insufficient, saying, an “orderly immigration system” is the best answer to the problems along the border. Congress doing their job and forcing the executive branch to do theirs would be the answer to that problem and Cornyn’s party is in power in both chambers right now. It’s his fault, as well as his criminal comrades, which is by and large everyone other than Senator Jeff Sessions, who are to blame. The only thing wrong with our system is that it is being allowed to be violated.

Hussein Obama should have been impeached and still should, as should anti-American DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson. The establishment politicians, like Bush tool Cornyn are the reasons why nothing is being done, and a virtual system of defense is a euphemism for business as usual.

Cornyn said, “When people talk about the border they often forget the advantages of our proximity to Mexico. Six million jobs in the United States depend on bi-national trade between the U.S. and Mexico.” And those six million jobs do not depend on the government allowing our border to be violated. If they do, write a law or eliminate the jobs. Some of those six million jobs that are in Mexico should rightly be in America, filled by Americans. For the others, we’ve got expansive visa programs that are available, if employers are required to utilize them. That includes programs for temporary and seasonal workers. Government lawlessness does not have to exist, it exists by their choice.

His fellow traitor embraced the illegal aliens in his statement. Senator Cassidy, said “Good people working on behalf of our country, sometimes on behalf of those who are not of our country but we are showing our country’s values as we work.” Obviously he’s got a problem with formulating sentences, but the message is clear – illegal aliens shouldn’t be prevented from wandering in if they feel like it; they’re Americans by virtue of their work ethic. Is this guy nuts, stupid, just a despicable traitor, or all of the above?  The piece of open borders Senate trash put a red, white and blue bow on his hefty bag of globalist crap, saying, “Never forgetting that we have to secure our borders. Never forgetting that there are laws to be followed, but doing it the American way, and an American way that makes us proud.”

Right now that way that is so American to this duo of criminal alien enablers is to ignore the laws and be obstacles themselves to every effort to secure our nation. Pretty, patriotic words don’t disguise the reality.

Joining the two sellout senators on their trip were: Mission, Texas Mayor Norberto “Beto” Salinas, McAllen Mayor Jim Darling, Hidalgo Mayor Martin Cepeda, and Chief Patrol Agent Manuel Padilla of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency. It’s a group of local business and Chamber of Commerce mouthpieces with a CBP guy thrown in for the sake of the appearance of legitimacy and “a security perspective.”

One of those open border parasites, McAllen Mayor Jim Darling, said, “Sen. Cornyn is really a true friend of the Valley who understands our uniqueness and understands that the river behind us is not just the border. It’s the drinking water for almost 3.2 million people, its irrigation water for tens of thousands of acres of agriculture on both sides of the border. He understands that a safe border is not a closed border.

Does this idiot think the river is going to run dry if a wall or fence is built? Does he really believe that open borders are safer than secured ones? Of course not, nobody is that stupid; he’s speaking through his wallet on behalf of his controllers.

Labeling Cornyn a true friend of the valley is a recognition that he is not doing his job as a United States Senator, that he’s looking the other way on border security and will continue to support lawlessness and open borders.

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