Terrorists, Cash Flowing Across Southern Border- Huge Spike


Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol Council and a 16 year veteran of the CBP, gave testimony last week in Washington in which he cited some frightening statistics. Already, in the first quarter of this year they have arrested almost four times as many illegals from Afghanistan as they did during all of last year; 18 for the first quarter of this year versus five for all of 2015. There is no way of knowing how many are getting through successfully, but the numbers who are attempting are clearly up dramatically.

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has also found a financial link between the Middle East and Smugglers trafficking from Mexico into the United States, which he describes as being “the heart of the problem.”

He says, “We know the money’s coming in, is it being paid to pay the smugglers, the coyotes, is it being used for other purposes? We don’t know, obviously it’s cash, it’s coming in, these are wire transfers so we don’t know what’s happening.” He reiterates, “Like I said, is this for human trafficking, human smuggling purposes, is it for something more nefarious where they’re sending money in to support folks who are coming here to do us harm?”

Brnovich points out that he himself is a first generation American, but this is a national security issue, acknowledging that the countries involved, two of them being Afghanistan and Pakistan, are often hostile to Americans and our interests.

Brnovich notes that they are breaking the law by coming into the country and that alone should be causing all of us concern, not knowing who is coming in or why. He says, “We have people that have gone to the Middle East for training that mean us ill will, they want to do us harm. We need to make sure we’re doing everything we can to find out who these people are and ultimately what they’re up to.”

Jihadi Jeh Johnson, DHS’ open borders, anti-security Secretary, is providing cover and an opportunity for terrorists to enter the United States by abdicating his responsibility to secure the border. By restricting enforcement and opening it up to all varieties of transgressors, Johnson is providing just what the terrorists, gangsters and thugs need, greater access and the cover of blending in with other, less threatening, illegals.

The blood of Americans is already on his hands. Surely more is coming.

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