Terrorist sucked from plane


Terrific news! This is the best possible update to an earlier report about a passenger being sucked from the cabin of a commercial plane.

The passenger reported to have been killed is none other than the terrorist who was trying to down the plane in the first place. That’s right! The jihadist managed to kill only himself.

There’s no news like good news and this is the best kind. Not only is there one less terrorist in the world, but he managed to embarrass his cause on his way out.

Terrorist sucked from plane

Terrorist sucked from plane

It is believed that the would-be bomber hid the explosive device in a wheelchair that he arrived in. The wheelchair allowed him to bypass security.  Once on board, he is said to have switched seats without the notice of airline staff.

Officials suspect that the man was part of the terror group Al Shabaab. Al Shabaab is an Islamist group in Somalia that has waged an insurgency against the Western-backed Somali government.

The group has not, yet, claimed responsibility. Given the epic fail that the attempt turned out to be, it is unlikely that they will. Making an idiot out of yourself at 11,000 feet doesn’t exactly make for a good propaganda video.

Flight controls were unaffected when the explosion occurred. The pilot was able to make a safe landing back at the airport he had taken off from just a few minutes before.

The charred remains of the jihadist were located from the town of Balad. Balad is about 20 miles from Mogadishu, where the airport is located.

It is unknown whether the plane was targeted at random or because Somalia’s deputy ambassador to the UN, Awale Kullane, was on board.

There were 2 passengers that sustained minor injuries, but no casualties other than the attacker, himself. Thankfully,  he seems to have misunderstood the  concept of “suicide bomber.”

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source: Mirror