BREAKING: Terrorist ATTACK in France At Least 70 DEAD! Details Here! {{VIDEO}}

Terrorist Hijack Truck in France

Terrorist Hijack Truck in France and Drive into Crowd! Dozens DEAD!


France’s national holiday turned ugly for revelers Thursday night in the southern city of Nice, as a truck reportedly crashed into a crowd of Bastille Day revelers. After crashing into the crowd and running dozens over, the driver jumped from the truck and began shooting. Dozens of people are reported dead (Over 60) with well over 100 injured!.

“Dear people of Nice, the driver of a truck appears to have caused tens of deaths. Stay for the moment in your home. More info to come,” Nice Mayor Christian Estrosi said.

The chief of the province’s police force described the events as “an attack” and, according to FranceTVInfo, “asked that Nice people remain cloistered.”


Aerial View of Some Carnage From Terrorist Attack in Paris

Multiple videos posted on showed people fleeing in panic, though the crash itself wasn’t shown.

There are also were reports of gunshots and an accomplice is reported to be on the loose holding hostages at a hotel in the city.  

Islamist terror groups, sometimes using native-French Muslims, have targeted France repeatedly in recent years and the use of vehicles and car bombs are among their known tactics.

The driver of the truck has been shot and killed by the police.

There are fears that the truck may have explosives on board, causing the police to be cautious and the bomb squad is being deployed.

This is a developing story we will update as information is available.

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