Terror Threat On Passenger Plane

Aegean Airlines flight

Terror Threat On Passenger Plane

Aegean Airlines flight

Aegean Airlines flight

Madrid is pretty high up on the ISIS attack list. That’s why Aegean Airlines took a terror threat to one of their flights headed there from Athens seriously.

The pilot quickly arranged an emergency landing at Palma de Mallorca, the nearest airport. The bomb squad was present to inspect the aircraft as well as those on board. Regulations dictate that this be done when a threat has been received.

Both the passengers and plane underwent extra security checks, though the checks did not bring any issues to light. A Civil Guard official confirmed that they found no explosives during their search.

The details of the threat have not been revealed. The pilot stated that “some sort of incident” had been detected in regard to one of the people on the flight.

Airline officials released a statement the day of the occurrence.

“Aegean was notified by the Athens International Airport, today, Sunday 10th January, for additional security check to a passenger on the scheduled AEGEAN flight A3 688 from Athens to Madrid.” They went on to say. “Considering this information, Aegean has instructed the commander of the flight to land on the nearest airport.”

The plane was finally able to leave for the Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas in Madrid, where it was originally scheduled to land at noon.

Aegean Airlines is the largest Greek airline. As they carry more passengers on more planes to more destinations than any of their competitors, they are a likely target for terrorists attempting inflict optimal damage. 50 planes carried 10.1 million fliers to 74 destinations for Aegean in 2014.

Other Europe-bound flights were diverted back in November. Air France was forced to land 2 of its planes headed for Paris from Los Angeles and Washington when bomb threats were received.

As ISIS ramps up its attacks, and powerful nations do not take necessary action, more flights are sure to be forced to the ground in this fashion.

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source: Daily Star