Teen Stops Robbery During Job Interview

Teen stops robbery

Teen Stops Robbery During Job Interview

Devin Washington was applying for a job at a fast food restaurant just like a normal teen. He was being interviewed for a position as a cook at a Popeye’s in New Orleans.

While the interview was being conducted, a man walked up to the counter. He asked the cashier for some change. Up to that point, nothing was unusual.

When the cashier opened the drawer, however, that changed. The man reached across the counter and grabbed a large handful of cash.

Teen stops robbery

Teen stops robbery

The suspect began to flee toward the door, but his arm was grabbed by the assistant manager, Danyanna Metoyer . A struggled ensued.

Rather than sitting idly by, 18 year old Devin Washington jumped into the fray.

“The interviewee took him off of me and held him until the police showed up,” Metoyer stated. “I was like, ‘This can’t be real.’ It was the first time I had ever seen this.”

When law enforcement officers arrived it was to the sight of the 6′ 5 “, 297 lbs. teen detaining the suspect in what they described as a “reverse bear hug.”

The robber was identified as 50 year old Pablo Ciscart. He was arrested and charged with simple robbery and fugitive attachment. Police also learned that there was a warrant for Cisart in St. Bernard Parish for a similar criminal incident.

When asked about his actions, Washington explained. “I was thinking, like, it could be my mama. It could be anybody’s mama, so you have to protect somebody.”

He wasn’t concerned about any possible threat. “It just happened. In my head I wasn’t worried about it. I was just trying to calm the situation.”

According to the assistant manager “Devin was considered for being hired before this even happened.”

Following the event, though, Devin Washington was given a job on the spot.

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