Teen Girl Goes BEAST MODE To Rescue Dad- Insane Story!

Teen Girl Goes BEAST MODE To Rescue Dad

Charlotte Heffelmire is just 19. She is all of 5′ 6″ tall and 120 lbs, soaking wet. Looking at this petite, teen girl you would never suspect her capable of super-human strength.teen

Add in one life-threatening situation, though, and she goes beast mode.

Last Sunday Charlotte’s dad, Eric, was working on his truck in the family’s garage. One of the jacks holding the truck slipped and pinned Eric under the vehicle.

To make matters worse, the fall created a gasoline spill that ignited and set the truck on fire. The flames quickly spread through the garage.

That was the scene that Charlotte walked in on.

Wasting no time, she sprang to her father’s aid. Charlotte proceeded to lift the burning truck not once, but twice, to free her dad from underneath. She was then able to get him outside and away from the flames.

She did not stop after just one amazing act, though.

Next, Charlotte jumped inside the flaming vehicle and drove it from the garage; on 3 wheels no less. She then shut the garage door to contain the fire.

Still not done with her heroism, Charlotte rushed into the house and brought her entire family, her sister’s infant included, to safety.

Because lifting a burning truck, saving her father, driving said vehicle while still in flames, and rescuing her family wasn’t enough for this teen, she grabbed a garden hose and attempted to keep the fire from spreading to the rest of their home.

All this while waiting on the Fire Department to arrive.

Charlotte was awarded the citation for a Citizen Life Saving Award by the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department. In reference to it she stated “They almost made me believe that I deserved it, but I still don’t think that I do.”

Apparently, she’s humble as well.

And just in case the majority of phone-attached, entitled, selfie-obsessed teen girls don’t pale enough by comparison, Charlotte Heffelmire has also been appointed to the U.S. Air Force Academy.

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source: Fox News