Ted Cruz VP Feminazi Fiorina – Just Loves Hillary Clinton


It’s obvious that Ted Cruz doesn’t put much stock in the vetting process, the same one he completely bypassed as an illegal alien of Canadian birth attempting to usurp the constitutional requirements for the office of American president. His people may have not bothered to check internet videos of his new “VP” choice or he may be thinking he only needs Fiorina for a week. Just get him a win in Indiana, beyond that her past won’t matter.

After Tuesday he can drop her, to quote Mitch McConnell, “like a hot rock,” if the triumvirate of Cruz, Kasich and Fiorina manage to successfully obstruct Donald Trump or hang on to her if she’s pulling her weight in sleaze. If they’re not able to pull it off, both she and her ill-advised comments of the past will matter even less.

In the meantime, prior to the upcoming contests, it’s worth considering the lack of attention and regard for proper vetting and the poor judgment exhibited by Cruz in his rush to get a woman in place who can potentially deliver him the Indiana sexist feminist vote. She can also, if they should somehow make it to June and the California primary, possibly send a few votes and delegates Cruz’s way from her home state. It’s established fact that Cruz will do anything for delegates; she’s proof.

The feminist aspect to Ms Fiorina is troubling, in her praise of Hillary Clinton and her nearly incessant beating to death of the possession of indoor plumbing as a job qualification. It’s not; no more than having outdoor plumbing makes a man a better candidate. The feminazis theoretically want equal and fair treatment without regard to gender. The problem is that in practice what they’re looking for and often demanding is preferential treatment based upon their genitalia. Those demands are usually accentuated by a substantial amount of whining about how hard it is being a woman. It’s hard being a man too; life is hard, get over it.

Simply put, Ms Fiorina wants to have it both ways. So does her new boss, Sleazy Ted Cruz. Just a couple of days ago, at a rally in Knightstown, Indiana, Sleazy Ted Cruz was mocking Donald Trump as being Hillary Clinton’s Vice President, using false claims to make his bogus point that they had identical interests. It would now seem that both Cruz and his play-like running mate have those same shared interests and are great admirers of the Butcher of Benghazi.

Against a backdrop of support for another failed globalist establishment figurehead, John McCain, Fiorina gushes nonstop, seemingly unable to find enough positive claims to make about Hillary Clinton and what a great human being she is. It just doesn’t mesh well with the Cruz rhetoric.

Perhaps he’ll have the good sense and a sliver of moral character remaining to recognize that now would be the appropriate time to shut his sleazy lie hole; probably not.

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