Ted Cruz Is Not US Citizen Of Any Kind – One Week To Come Clean


Sometimes people are willing to allow themselves to be deceived in spite of the most obvious of evidence that it is taking place. Ted Cruz supporters can see that their candidate is playing Hussein Obama’s game and sealing his records for the same reason that Obama did. They won’t allow themselves to consider why he’s going to so much trouble rather than simply producing what every citizen and legal immigrant have to produce when they go to work in the US, proof of eligibility. They were critical of Obama’s $4 million spent hiding who he is but don’t give a second thought when Cruz does exactly the same thing.

Cruz is a foreigner, quite possibly an illegal alien, with no legitimate ability to run for president of the United States. At issue is not only the requirement that a president be natural born, it is clear that Cruz is probably not even an American citizen of any description. He has offered no paperwork to substantiate his citizen claims, a process and product for foreign born Americans provided by the States Department. For those of you who think it citizenship documents just magically appear as part of the placenta, they don’t. There is a process; documentation must be provided to the State Department and official documents of citizenship issued in return by the federal government. There is no short cut and it is not automatic.

Cruz was born in Canada and no naturalization or any other documentation has taken place since. Those who fail to register a foreign birth by the age of 18 are out of luck; their window of opportunity is slammed shut and birthright citizenship is no longer available. That’s why Cruz has refused to provide his information. Just as with Hussein Obama, he can’t provide what doesn’t exist.

On the April 3rd edition of the Podcast of the North American Law Center, host JB Williams put Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz on notice, that he had two weeks to quit the race voluntarily or he would spill the beans. Williams has evidence that Cruz is attempting to become our second consecutive imposter president. One week has passed without action from the candidate.

Constitutional Attorney Steven Pidgeon joined JB Williams for a discussion of the threats to our Constitution and our sovereignty from the Globalist cabal who, if we fail to stop them this election, will have succeeded in stealing the country from the American people. Cruz is chief among those globalist threats.

Williams says, “For years we’ve been talking about election fraud, we’ve been talking about dead voters, we’ve been talking about felon voters, we’ve been talking about illegal alien voters, okay? We’re not talking about that anymore, we’re talking about stupid voters. We’re talking about people who are American citizens, who do have a right to vote and are not smart enough to tie their own shoes if they think a guy whose Canadian born is eligible to be a US president, without any documentation whatsoever.”

Williams puts the campaign on notice, saying, “If Ted continues on, within the next two weeks, I’m going to make a prediction. Within the next two weeks, if he is still in this race, we are going to release the files we have. Two weeks from tonight and we will bury Ted Cruz forever in American politics.”

He says, “I’m sick of it, I can’t believe we actually have to take this guy down this way, I cannot believe the American people are not smart enough to figure this out on their own, but they’re not; so we’ll figure it out for them.” He adds, “If we have to expose this guy, if we have to expose this guy in order to stop him from defrauding this nation then we are going to do that. I hope somebody with Ted is listening tonight, I hope you go play this for him, send him the podcast, make sure he understands he’s got two weeks to come clean with the American people or we’re taking him down.”

That broadcast was a week ago, and no action has yet been forthcoming from the Cruz campaign. If anything he’s upped the tempo of the dirty politics, lies and underhanded delegate manipulation and theft and questionable election results.

Attorney Steven Pidgeon added, “There is absolutely no chance, following this election, to recover the American Constitution. No chance, if we don’t do it here, there’s no chance. The next opportunity you’re going to have is going to be with a Molotov cocktail against a tank, with a FEMA camp behind it. People need to understand how close we are to a total socialist overthrow.

Cruz now has one week, the truth will be revealed on April 17th if Lyin’ Ted hasn’t come clean with the American people by that time. The compelling arguments are also posted on the North American Law Center website and are worth reading.

The podcast is below. The specific conversation starts at the 19:15 point of the broadcast.

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