Syrian Children Use Pokemon Go Pictures Asking The World To Remember Them

Syrian Children

Syrian Children Use Pokemon Go Pictures Asking The World To Remember Them

There is no denying that Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. Causing chaos to some in failed attempts to try and catch these virtual creatures. Now Syrian children are using Pokemon pictures to capture the attention of the world! While many can chase Pokemon’s, others do not have the luxury to do something so leisurely.

Remember the picture of a little Syrian bot, dressed in a red shirt and blue shorts, lying lifeless on the sea-shore that wrenched our hearts for a week or two? It was heart-breaking and did move us but then, too many events followed suit and we forgot about the hundreds of Syrian boys who meet the same end everyday! Life is fast on the virtual world and although such incidents strike us hard, it doesn’t take long to get distracted to the finer pleasures of life.

Therefore, in an attempt to speak in the language of the latest fad in the virtual world, Syrian children are holding up pictures of Pokemons, hoping to catch the attention of the world!


Can Pokemom Go change the hearts of people to remember there are people and children living with a constant terror threat? Or will they look at these pictures with ignorance and think, “Wow they have Pokemon there too” thinking they are missing the chance to catch some.

I am not an advocate for bringing refugees into America, but I am an advocate for completely eliminating ISIS. Which is the biggest threat across the world. World peace is a pipe dream, I am not delusional, I know that is not attainable. I do know that with the right leadership in America, and the right alliances by our side we could eliminate ISIS and make it safe for these children.

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