Swiss Parents OUTRAGED When ONE THING IS Removed From School Menus

The march to a uniform diet continues.  This week in Switzerland, Binningen in Basel-Country to be precise, parents were shocked to learn that the local school district saw fit to remove a culturally important and beloved pork sausage from the menus in four local elementary schools.

The sausage in question is known as Klöpfer, similar to the French Cervelat, which, of course, having pork as one of the main ingredients, is off limits to multiple factions of eaters: vegetarians, Islamists, Jews and a few more (although in that part of Europe the Jews tend to be on the reformed side).

“We are outraged. When we first hear [about the decision] we thought we weren’t reading it right,” Swiss People’s Party representative Susanna Keller said at a local council meeting on Monday.

“Could it be that we are adapting to certain cultures, rather than the other way around,” Keller said, according to local daily the Basellandschaftliche Zeitung.


School officials claim that this change was made after a survey indicated that 5% of the students’ parents did not want pork on the menu.  (Since when does 5% get the right of way when a cultural imperative is at stake?)

“That wouldn’t be standard practice. When someone tells you their child is vegetarian, you don’t ask why,” the spokesperson said. “If the caterer wants to serve up cervalat salad then he can. But he also has to offer an alternative,” the spokesperson said.

At this time, the parents of the school district as well as the Swiss People’s Party are calling for an investigation of just exactly how the school district conducted the survey.  In addition, a cost analysis has been requested to figure out if the alternative to serving pork sausage is more expensive than serving a culturally important food source.  School is in summer recess, so an answer to the question will need to wait until fall.

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