Swiss Artist Takes Off Her Clothes To Protest Cologne Cover Up

“Respect us! We’re not fair game, even when we are naked.”

Not that the sentiment is wrong or bad, but just like the wacko liberals out there, one Swiss model/artist based in Dusseldorf, Milo Moire, took her protest of the German treatment of events on New Year’s Eve in Cologne to the extreme.  The 32 year old walked around the plaza in front of the famed Cologne Cathedral naked.

Milo Moire

Hidden behind the sign is the body that attracted more attention from reporters than spectators.  (Visit for video.)  The words from the woman in this protest were obscured by her bid for attention:

“As a woman I want to give an example that women shouldn’t hide away, they should lift themselves up, be self-confident and stand up for their values,” RT’s video agency Ruptly reported.

“I will not let others decide what I should and shouldn’t do as a woman, but rather, that it is self-evident that the 50 year-long struggle of emancipated women means that I can enjoy the life that I want, in liberty. This is why I am standing here today,”the 32-year-old artist added.

Walking around naked may not be among the values shared by German women, but reports from The Old Country are that self defense is very much a value we share.  The women there are purchasing pepper spray, blank guns and “CS gas” (a form of tear gas) at record rates.

Germany’s Amazon website revealed that nine of the top 10 top selling items in its ‘Sport & Leisure’ section were either pepper spray or CS gas.

Pavel Sverdlov, the director of a gun shop in Berlin, said he has witnessed an unprecedented demand for security devices, which is“really quite exceptional, I’ve never sold so many repellent devices.”

He said sales of blank guns had trebled and he had sold out of pepper spray.

“The most recent events have alarmed many people, especially women,” he said, as cited by Reuters.

This trend is both heartening and horrifying at the same time.  Officials in Germany and other European countries have accepted “refugee migrants” of Arab and North African descent into their territories only to have those guests take advantage of the situation and violate their hostesses.  To add insult to injury, the “leaders” of those countries will not give voice to the reality that the migrants accept that behavior as normal due to their “religion” and censor those that do.  Milo Moire is correct to challenge leadership and call them out on their cowardice, but, really, she could have left her clothes on.

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