Sweden’s Somali Punks Assault 60 Minutes Camera Crew


Three weeks ago the “60 Minutes Australia” cast and crew were given a taste of what it’s really like in Sweden with the influx of uncivilized Islamic refugees occupying large areas of their nation. Sweden opened their arms to these outsiders and has lost their nation as a result.

It was in the “Little Mogadishu” area of Rinkeby district of Stockholm on March 1st that things turned ugly, and did so from the moment they stepped out of their vehicle. A car loaded with Somali invaders pulls up, lets one of their party out, throws trash and a lit cigarette at the group and then proceeds to run over their camera man with their car.

Liz Hayes, the lead correspondent phoned the police who responded but were hesitant to become involved, warning that their presence could prove to be provocative and suggesting that the crew operate on their own. They stuck around for awhile at a distance as they entered a local market and most of the Somalis were, at a minimum, civil, some were even cordial. That changed quickly once the police left.

Young Somali punks arrived and started assaulting the crew, and immediately became physically aggressive, assaulting the crew, throwing things, punching and kicking without provocation. One local intervenes, driving his mobility scooter into the most aggressive of the punks. That was the diversion they needed to make their exit.

Hayes sums up the action in the car as they leave, saying, “Well we’ve been individually attacked. Sound man has been punched, the producer’s been punched, you’ve been run over, the cameraman, we’ve all been assaulted and insulted; it’s best we leave.”

This is sad for Sweden and for Europe, what their pacifist policies and attitudes have done to their nations, under the misguidance of their complicit liberal politicians. The only thing that will resolve their problems is a return to nationalism and deportations. It won’t be easy and it won’t be quick. But it’s either that or become an Islamic hellhole. It’s not that tough of a decision when put into the proper perspective.


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