How To Survive An Active Shooter In The Work Place

 How To Survive An Active Shooter In The Work Place 2016-06-15 22-32-27


Lets not panic!  Lets be prepared! Prepared for anything! Like an Active Shooter in the workplace.

If your at work and it’s in a building of rooms or offices, this extreme video of survival will help you think faster. If an Islamic terrorists appears on the scene or some nut job activist who’s strung out on dope or not, we must realize anything can happen when they have an automatic weapon. We need to be training on our own on  ways that teach us safety and survival when an active shooter arrives by surprise.

When watching the news about recent mass shootings or beheadings at the workplace, murder-suicides, workplace violence, you often hear the witness”s state to the news media,”you never think it’s going to happen to you, in your town or to your family, until it does!”

This “Survival of an Active shooter” lesson may save your life or someone else’s life.

I’ve read comments about this video saying that, it’s giving away your secret to the shooter.

I see it differently, this clip is an aide to help you learn how to act quickly,constructively and have a chance to stay alive when an active shooter surprises you.

Some things may appear simple but you should never underestimate circumstances while under a panic panorama.

These days are not safe for Americans since Obama came into office.  The war of Islamic Terror is here in our country because Obama gave Islamic terrorists time to grow and spread when he withdrew our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.  They’ve arrived here to kill us now.

Tradition, decency, faith, Christianity, modesty, patriotism, respect for our Servicemen and women, morality are vanishing. Welcome to Obama’s Islamic Terrorism Tactics to Transform America with chaos and lies. Rev. Wright, brainwashed Obama for 20 years on how to “God Damn” America. Hussane has achieved this goal but we are prepared to fight back and “Make America Great Again”. (Trump theme)

Watch the video and replay it in your mind, re enact it in your home or apt. or at work. Businesses and schools have fire drills, in today’s world, we need mass shooting drills because it only takes one time. We must do or die.



H/T:  NY Post