SUPERMAN Saves Woman From Robber- Cops Confirm Actual Event!

SUPERMAN Saves Woman- Cops Confirm!

It started like any other day in Gloucester, England.

A woman steps up to the ATM and goes through the steps to withdraw cash.  She turns to go, but her path is blocked by a man demanding she hand over her money. The frightened woman screams as the mugger attacks.

In a nearby pub, her cries are heard by 32 year old Antonio Cortes. Cortes, on his lunch break, springs into action. He dashes outside and confronts the woman’s assailant. The criminal takes off and Cortes pursues.

Cortes catches the man and wrestles him to the ground. He then keeps him contained until law enforcement can arrive. When police do show up, they stop in their tracks.

There, right in front of them, is a suspect being held by SUPERMAN. That’s right. Cortes was dressed as Superman.

Cortes as Superman

Cortes as Superman

It turns out that Antonio Cortes was participating in a charity event for Give A Smile UK. It is an organization that aims to raise awareness of disabled children and help send their families on vacation. His costume was part of the event.

This Superman was able to overpower his target in a fashion reminiscent of the real Man of Steel. Likely because Antonio Cortes is also a trained Thai boxer.

The police shared a few “laughs and giggles” when they arrived on scene and caught sight of Cortes in his outfit. They took the mugger into custody.

Media members questioned Cortes about his handling of the situation.

“I could see the woman was distressed and thought ‘something has to be done’ so I just went with it,” Antonio told reporters. “It’s very rewarding – a good thing and I feel good for it definitely.”

The woman’s husband later came and thanked him for “a job well done,” shaking his hand.

Super or not, Antonio Cortes was a real hero that day.

© 2016 Vianna Vaughan

source: BBC News