STUNNING: New Poll Reveals Americans’ TRUE Opinion Of Sharia Law

In the week following the terrorist attack at an Orlando night club frequented by the gay and lesbian crowd, Opinion Savvy, a relative newcomer in the field of political and opinion research, conducted a poll calling a mixture of just over 800 Americans to get a feel for the sentiment of the nation when it comes to the invasion of Islamists, and the ongoing issues with ISIS, terrorism, and the possibility of instituting Sharia Law.  The difference between this poll and all of the others: no one sponsored it, so the questions were not worded to get predetermined results.

The mainstream media will be most disappointed to learn that the opinion of the nation does not jive with the narrative and reality they are putting forth.  To wit:

  • 53% of those polled are “very unsatisfied” with the U.S. efforts to combat terrorism.  An additional 32% are also unsatisfied, but to a lesser degree.  That’s a total of 85% of the country.
  • 30.7% of those polled would like to ban muslims as part of anti-terror efforts.
  • 70.5% of those polled believe that supporters of Shariah Law should be identified before their admittance into the country, and 80% of those thinking this also believe that those who prefer Shariah Law should not be admitted.
  • 78% of those polled believe that visitors to the United States should be required to uphold the laws and U.S. Constitution while in the country.
  • 66% think that Americans who pledge allegiance to ISIS should be stripped of their citizenship.
  • 80% agree that suspected terrorists should be denied the opportunity to purchase firearms.

Additional questions dealt with banning “assault rifles” with the numbers splitting roughly evenly among political persuasions, and a significant majority wanting to hear the original 911 call from the Orlando shooter with no changes or redactions.

This is a small sample, but given the weighting described in the actual results of the poll (this link will open it), indications are that it is pretty indicative of national sentiment.  It is also indicative of the disconnect between the leadership of the country on these issues and the people.  As the survey staff indicated in an update to their results, in light of Brexit and the United Kingdom vote that was large enough to overcome any election fraud, the people of the west are not happy that self-determination has been stripped, or that the cultures are being forced to change without consent of the governed.

“This poll illustrates the native common sense of the American people. By substantial majorities, they see through official efforts to mislead them about the roots of the danger we increasingly face here at home, as well as overseas — namely, Sharia-supremacism and the jihad it requires Muslims adherents to perform against the rest of us,” said Frank Gaffney, president of the Washington-based Center for Security Policy and a former senior Reagan defense official.

“And they expect the government, instead, to protect them against this real, obvious and present danger,” he added.

H/T – Counter Jihad

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