Stumpin’ For Trump Lays It On The Line: America First Is More Than Just A Slogan

While the political class is still scratching its collective noggin trying to figure out how in the heck Donald Trump could possibly have won a major party nomination on so little money, and with poll numbers in the tank, We the People out on the fruited plain have moved on.

What the political class does not understand, and what the enslaved, uh, people of the country do, is that when in peril, this nation stands together.  Increasingly, thanks to a break on the lock that the mainstream media has had on the gates of information, the American people get that we’re – as The Atlantic put it to their puzzlement – under siege.  Not only are we under siege, but for decades now, the power brokers at the top of the food chain have been tearing at the cohesion of the nation using hyphenated rhetoric and political correctness to point out the differences among the people rather than the true red, white and blue Americanism that runs through all of us no matter who we are.

In the way they have done since last fall, Diamond and Silk, the darlings of Stumpin’ for Trump, laid it out so that no one can misunderstand through verbal gymnastics and intellectual gobbledygook.  (Click on the image below to get the video to play.)

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See, we do use math every day.  Common denominator and all that.

Without arguing too much about which should come first, God or country, since the values that bind us as Americans come from religion, “America first” is, yes, the common denominator.  It is what we have that defines us as a people.  And no, it does not matter what faith one is, who you choose to sleep with, your ancestral history, or even where you matriculated.  Attack one of us or the nation, and Americans will stand together.

As for exploitation, using guilt and fear mongering as a peer pressure tool has truly run its course when the very people one side or the other is trying to help knows that the sentiments of their advocates are only skin deep.  In 2016, that is one of the many hidden tactics illumined as more and more of the leftist agenda has been exposed for all to see.  And what the left does not understand in their arrogance and self-congratulations at being so well educated, is that intelligence does not come from books.  The regular, everyday, working, Joe 6-Pack American people may not use words like “xenophobia” and “islamophobia,” but they’re not stupid.

And none of us wants to be used to advance an agenda that compromises our principles, the rights that we hold dear, and the culture that binds us together.  That’s what Diamond and Silk have articulated in the 2016 election cycle, and that is the attribute they see in their chosen candidate.  Trump promises to put America first.

It’s about time someone did.

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