Students Demand Race Of Suspects Not Be Included In Campus Crime Alerts


The fact that the students of a particular race recognize that they share an ethnicity with an abnormally large percentage of the criminal population is not a valid reason for pretending that the problem is equally dispersed across the entire population. It would seem to indicate the specific nature of the problem and potentially an area in which law enforcement might want to direct more of their resources.

For the sake of discussion and since the political correctness enforcers have already leapt into action, we’ll call the criminals and the complainers green-Americans. Police officers at Brown University are caving to the demands of the green thug enablers and sympathizers, agreeing to no longer include the race of the suspects when announcing crimes. Reporting the information in an unlaundered manner made those some green students uncomfortable and left them feeling “stigmatized.”

The public information office at Brown (can they say that?) has a bit of a bottleneck, with the policy change first being implemented a year ago. It was publicized Wednesday by the Brown Daily Herald. Their PC excuses included a claim that including the suspect’s race can create discomfort in the safe space, reality-free zone. They said, “vague descriptions can reinforce stereotypes,” which can lead to hostility towards green-Americans by non-greens.

To solve the problem, and lessen the chances of the community’s being able to assist in criminal capture by identifying and reporting a suspect, Brown police now include only suspect’s age, sex, build and general appearance. No skin color or race information is listed.

The change is part of the road map to liberal idiocy that the University has dubbed its “Pathways to Diversity and Inclusion” action plan. It’s so much easier to include a diverse range of criminals in your daily lives when you are ignorant of who they are. For once the Rhode Island ACLU questioned the wisdom of ignoring safety in the interest of being politically correct. Have they forgotten who they are? They’re fine with importing terrorists as refugees so they’ll warm up to this idea soon enough. They just need to accept rape, murder and being robbed as basic parts of the American experience and stop being such whiners.

ACLU Executive Director Steven Brown told the Daily Herald, “Racial profiling is certainly a very legitimate issue for a campus to be concerned about, but if the point of these reports is to help identify suspects, I’m not sure it makes much sense to exclude race from the description.” Since when did something have to make sense for the ACLU to support it? As long as it’s PC, inclusive and feeds the diversity beast they should be more than satisfied.

The Daily Caller points out that the Clery Act, a federal law, requires all universities receiving federal funding to make timely reports available and warnings regarding on-campus crime, with the intent of keeping campuses safe. There is no provision for putting politics over safety but then there doesn’t have to be. Liberals interpret the laws however they choose or ignore them completely.

One thing’s certain, if these were white offenders instead of green ones, the identities would be being published and there would be classes on white crime privilege. As best as we can determine, these were dark green individuals. They’re the ones who generally get the mandated and unwarranted concessions to situations that make them uncomfortable.

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