Stone – Assange Correct To Fear For His Life Following Clinton Drone Strike “Joke”


Roger Stone addressed the highly anticipated release of documents by WikiLeaks, describing Julian Assange as being his own man, a man of integrity, and one in whom he has every confidence that the payload will be delivered shortly.

They note the earlier Clinton questioning as to the feasibility of taking Assange out with a drone strike. It illustrates the point that Assange is right to be cautious and to fear for his life, wise to restrict his accessibility as he prepares for the release of the Clinton documents. Stone says, “He correctly fears for his life because he has the deep secrets of the deep state and he’s getting ready to spill the beans. And Bill and Hillary Clinton know that it’s handcuff time, and they know it and they’re apoplectic.”

They address the man who wore a Stone designed shirt that featured a picture of Bill Clinton with the word “Rape” printed below it, and his having yet to have contacted Infowars. Stone says the information he has indicates that the man is fine although the New York Nazis, de Blasio and others who are operatives of the Obama Clinton Criminal Syndicate appear to be planning to charge him. Stone adds, “First Amendment, buddy, First Amendment,” warning, “And my friends at MSNBC, you’re next.”

Jones asks if Stone, “Will they do a false flag to divert from WikiLeaks tomorrow, or will they pull some type of scam or how will the media deal with these huge revelations?” described by everybody with knowledge of their content as being devastating.

Stone notes the likelihood that the old media, including the now leftwards drifting Fox News, will “try to gloss over this and attempt to change the subject to some other, manufactured nonsense.” He believes that most folks in America have figured out that the media and political ruling class are one and the same.

He expects they will try to change the subject but that this information will simply be too big for them to ignore or to manipulate the ignorance of others.

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