Steven Seagal- All Have Inherent Right To Defend Their Family


The interviewer seems to oppose the Second Amendment from the nature and tone of her questions, perhaps too young to remember the oppression of the Soviet Union. Actor and Martial Arts expert, a 7th degree black belt in Aikido, Steven Seagal was in Russia promoting and working on his own signature firearm when he gave the interview to RT.

The interviewer asked Mr. Seagal if he had an obsession, though she chose her words more delicately, with firearms, citing his new firearm project as well as his films and work with law enforcement as the basis for the question. While noting the legitimate sporting and recreational aspects of gun ownership and use, Seagal says, “I also believe that every country has the right to defend their own country, every man has the right to defend his own wife and children and home and I also believe that right should triumph over evil.”

He continues, “And so, I don’t have anything against guns in and of themselves don’t kill people. People kill people. A gun is just like a plant or a tool, you know, you can do good with it, which is to protect and nurture humanity and mankind, or destroy. And I’m here to nurture and protect people.”


The interviewer credits guns with creating “an American form of violence, mass violence” a claim about which Seagal chooses not to engage her in a debate. He responds saying, “Well first of all, I believe in the Second Amendment and the Constitution more than anything in the world. And I think that, Adolph Hitler for example, when he wanted to annihilate the people of Germany, the first thing he did was take away their guns. And the rights to bear arms wasn’t just to protect the people from foreign invaders it was to protect them against evil governments and anyone who would violate their inherent rights as a human being.”

He has the courage to say what many others won’t for fear of being labeled a crazy conspiracy theorist, saying, “I believe in the Second Amendment and I believe that, and I hate to say this, a lot of these mass murders and all this ‘funny stuff’ that’s going on, I believe a lot of this is engineered.”

He comments to the upside down nature of society, saying, “The most precious gift we have from God is our children. Why can’t we spend money and time to protect our schools and our children?” He observes there are armed guards at every bank and jewelry store but none protecting our schools.

He believes that scapegoating movies as being behind violence is an inaccurate easy way out. The problem is mental health, in his view, as well as parenting. Mr. Seagal says, “If you have parents who love the children, spend time with their children, teach their children right from wrong, and they have real parenting, you won’t see any of this.”

He connects the Obama economy with his parenting point, adding, “To be honest with you, my opinion is that the economy is so bad in America and the common people are spending every waking moment just trying to survive, to the point where many of them feel like they really don’t even have the luxury to spend time with their children.”

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