State Department FINALLY Calls ISIS Killing of Christians What it is…GENOCIDE!



Everyone knows that Isis will execute and behead anyone who doesn’t believe in their Islam extremist ideology.  They haven’t any tolerance for Christians especially and will attack them for their faith in Jesus Christ as they hunt them down.

The State Dept. has been hard pressed to declare genocide against Christians. Christians are practically extinct in the middle east.  They are killed on the spot or have to run away for their lives with no where to go.  It’s chilling to read a page from a nun’s diary about the recent persecution of four sisters. The women were killed by having their heads stomped to the ground by ISIS.

To summarize the nun’s written letter, they went to breakfast then prayer service with the priest.  Afterwards, Isis dressed in blue came in and killed 5 Christian men who were running to alert the nuns that Isis was here to kill them.

They were killed one by one, tied to trees, shot in the head and then smashed their heads on the ground.  Four working women where shot and one had been their cook for 15 years. They were shouting “Don’t kill the Sisters” repeatedly but to no avail.  The nun, named Sr. Sally said, “To pray that their blood will be the seeds for peace in the Middle East and to stop the Isis.” The terrorists destroyed all the religious artifacts.  The priest stayed and consumed the sacred hosts so they wouldn’t be defiled instead of running away. Isis destroyed the tabernacle, crucifixes and statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 16 people died that day in the 90 minute attack. A priest was captured and is still missing.

The Knights of Columbus collaborates with a US-based research and advocacy organization devoted to protecting Christians in the Middle East, called “In Defense Of Christians”.

Last October, State Department officials suggested that a designation of “genocide” would be forthcoming for ISIS. The Dept. narrowed this to Yazidi’s only and not Christians.  Fired up by the uninclusiveness of the State Dept. against applying it to Christians, a firestorm was ignited by human rights advocates, religious and political groups, including Pope Francis.  It took over a year to get Kerry to announce that Isis is using genocide against all these people of Christian faith.

As the controversy mounted, Congress voted to require the State Department to issue a finding by mid-March.

The new report issued this week lays out the case for including Christians in the “genocide” designation, including a legal brief and witness statements documenting anti-Christian atrocities.

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