Speaker Paul Ryan Getting The Cantor Treatment – Primary Challenger For Seat


There’s good news for those Americans who recognize that the fix is in in DC and that House Speaker Paul Ryan is nothing more than an establishment tool whose mission is to oversee the continued manipulation of our government away from one of and by the people to one of and by the elite oligarchs. A challenger has emerged for his Congressional seat.

Ryan has done exceedingly well just over the last year or so for his puppet masters, having shoved the TPP fast track down Americas’ throats and a double-dip two year funding disaster in the omnibus that gave Obama the means to every liberal, America-hating item on his wish list. The anti-America crowd was salivating over what Ryan could accomplish through the abuse of his power over the next two years.

Now, with images of challenger Dave Brat’s primary defeat of Eric Cantor vivid in their recent memory, there’s more than a little cause for concern on their part and optimism on the behalf of America’s freedom lovers.

The identity of the challenger is still unknown, but the buzz and leaks indicate that it is someone who will be able to mount a serious challenge and potentially a stunning defeat. Most importantly, it’s not another abuser looking to make a name for himself, somebody who is running to take advantage of the perks that go with the job. Like Donald Trump it’s a wealthy individual; someone who doesn’t need the money, who feels betrayed and is angry. The prospective candidate also has Tea Party connections and strong alliances within the state. He feels betrayed after having donated to and supported Paul Ryan only to be stabbed in the back on trade and immigration.

The trade and immigration issues are both components of the TPP that Ryan personally took ownership of in ushering it through its fast track TPA process, with sovereignty killing, job killing and cultural degradation the outcome if it is implemented. He’s also worked in support of illegal aliens and increased foreign worker importation, and aligned himself with La Raza poster boy Rep Luis Gutierrez in the process. Ryan serves the money, not the people.

The yet unnamed businessman promised that his candidacy will “shake up the establishment in a profound way,” according to a political consultant close to the prospective candidate. Tea Party activists have been working tirelessly to locate a viable challenger to Ryan; their own response to what they feel is the double-cross he delivered with the $2 trillion omnibus spending package last year.

Wisconsin conservative activist and political consultant Eric Odom confirmed “with 100 percent certainty,” that the businessman will run. He said, “I’ve had the privilege of attending multiple meetings with this individual during which he has expressed his sense of betrayal by Speaker Ryan. He has a strong desire to see real representation for the people of the district versus a congressman who represents special interests in Washington.”

He added, “It’s very personal for him. He intends to run a full-scale candidacy that will shake up the establishment in a profound way.”

While acknowledging that it will be no small task to defeat Ryan, who is entrenched and has the full support of the money class behind him, including $5 million in his campaign coffers, he’s undaunted and, like the Trump candidacy, is willing to invest a substantial amount of his personal fortune into his campaign, according to Odom.

Odom described the candidate in terms we can all relate to, saying, “He was pushed to the edge and betrayed.”

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