Soros To Hillary: Clean Up On Aisle 9 – ONE ORDER FROM THE PUPPETMASTER

The title on the story at The Blaze reads, “Newly Released Emails Reveal Billionaire Donor George Soros Sent Clinton Foreign Policy Advice.”  Read the actual email as George Soros himself wrote it, and one gets the impression that this wasn’t really “advice.”  It was more like marching orders.

Dear Hillary,

A serious situation has arisen in Albania which needs urgent attention at senior levels of the US government. You may know that an opposition demonstration in Tirana on Friday resulted in the deaths of three people and the destruction of property.

There are serious concerns about further unrest connected to a counter-demonstration to be organized by the governing party on Wednesday and a follow-up event by the opposition two days later to memorialize the victims. The prospect of tens of thousands of people entering the streets in an already inflamed political environment bodes ill for the return of public order and the country’s fragile democratic process.

I believe two things need to be done urgently:

1. Bring the full weight of the international community to bear on Prime Minister Berisha and opposition leader Edi Rama to forestall further public demonstrations and to tone down public pronouncements.

2. Appoint a senior European official as a mediator.

While I am concerned about the rhetoric being used by both sides, I am particularly worried about the actions of the Prime Minister. There is videotape of National Guard members firing on demonstrators from the roof of the Prime Ministry. The Prosecutor (appointed by the Democratic Party) has issued arrest warrants for the individuals in question. The Prime Minister had previously accused the opposition of intentionally murdering these activists as a provocation.

After the tape came out deputies from his party accused the Prosecutor of planning a coup d’etat in collaboration with the opposition, a charge Mr. Berisha repeated today. No arrests have been made as of this writing. The demonstration resulted from opposition protests over the conduct of parliamentary elections in 2009. The political environment has deteriorated ever since and is now approaching levels of 1997, when similar issues caused the country to slide into anarchy and violence.

There are signs that Edi Rama’s control of his own people is slipping, which may lead to further violence. The US and the EU must work in complete harmony over this, but given Albania’s European aspirations the EU must take the lead. That is why I suggest appointing a mediator such as Carl Bildt. Martti Ahtisaari or Miroslav Lajcak, all of whom have strong connections to the Balkans.

My foundation in Tirana is monitoring the situation closely and can provide independent analysis of the crisis.

Thank you,

George Soros

Three days later, Hillary Clinton, then Secretary of State, appointed Miroslav Lajcak as mediator for the Albanian situation.

What was actually happening in January of 2011 to prompt this missive from Soros regarding a tiny Islamic European country that sits between Greece and the nations that were once thrown together in the form of Yugoslavia along the Adriatic Sea, obviously would have upset some sort of plan Soros had at the time.  He desperately needed the “unrest” to go away.  That being the case, he writes Hillary via channels at the State Department (here’s the Wikileaks link for the email) and she does his bidding even if the situation really was more of a European problem.


What’s more interesting is that this email chain appears within the 2011-2012 time frame of Hillary’s emails that the State Department appears not to have.  The emails themselves were buried in a cache of Hillary’s finest published by Wikileaks in March of 2016.  The sources of the text actually were not Hillary’s email itself, but addresses of her underlings.  The way THOSE emails read, it appears that they were follow-ups to other communications.

As scintillating reading as the Hillary Clinton email cache must be (ZZZZZ) one does have to admit that these delicious bombshells make wading through them worth it.  Even if all that’s happening is conformation of what so many people have suspected for years.


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