Soros Gives To Republicans, Too. Guess Who Got $202,700 In PAC Cash

For years now, we conservative Americans have been gnashing our teeth at the amount of money Hungarian-born immigrant and oligarch George Soros has dumped into progressive and purposefully chaotic causes.  Black Lives Matter, blaming police for perps not following orders, muslim immigration both here and in Europe…Hillary Clinton in all shapes, sizes, and forms of physical health.  The old man with all the money is pulling a lot of puppet strings.

Word comes via Conservative Outfitters that the old puppetmaster, who is wanted in his country of origin for crimes against humanity, is donating to select Republicans as well as many Democrats.  Records show that the Political Action Committee (PAC) supporting OHIO GOVERNOR JOHN KASICH accepted $202,700 from Soros Fund Management.



Well, isn’t that special.  Soros strikes again.

It also explains a few things given the size of the donation:

  • Support for gay rights as being more equal than those of heterosexuals.
  • Aggressive tax plan.
  • No support of Donald Trump beyond lip service despite a signed pledge.
  • Support of illegal immigrants being granted amnesty.

And yet more of Kasich’s support to other aspects of the progressive agenda.

Angry Patriot, a resident of Ohio, had this to say about Kasich, dubbed the “absentee governor” by Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump.

John Kasich is fond of claiming he is the “only adult on the stage” and disparaging Donald Trump and his dedicated supporters. The governor will find out just how out of touch he is with his own constituents after the polls close tomorrow evening.

All of his lofty talk about being dedicated to the protect “the least of us” is an outright lie. In Ohio, the people who fit in that exact category have not seen Kasich since an extremely brief campaign stop when he first ran for office.

I live in the poorest region of Ohio. We have not experienced ANY of the job growth he constantly brags about during debates. We have trained and educated workers, near zero crime, good roads, and broadband Internet.

What we don’t have are jobs, a grocery store, a hospital, or a single place where mothers can buy baby food or formula for their babies.

Our county commissioners would bend over backwards to have a chance at some of the jobs created by companies Kasich enticed to Ohio. We can’t even score temporary jobs for skilled workers when state road work and other projects reach into our rural area. Because of all the big government red tape and union rules, those high-paying jobs go to crews from the city who constantly get lost when they come to the job sites. Kasich promised to change that during his first campaign – he never even tried.

Donald Trump was right when calling Kasich an absentee governor. If he had enough time to leave Columbus to be on the campaign trail for months, he definitely had the time, over the past eight years, to visit each of the 88 counties in our fine state at least once. He did n0t.

Thus putting John Kasich in the category of the globalist oligarchy water boy.  Thank Heaven he flamed out at the presidential level.


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