Soros Funded GOPe Presidential Drop-Out: OUR ELECTIONS ARE NOT RIGGED

Yes, it’s official.  The 2016 election season is bringing all sorts of stuff out of the closet and storage thanks to Donald Trump.  Not only has he talked about how crooked Hillary Clinton is, he’s also talked about American elections being rigged.  This charge, of course, is bringing the old guard to the surface to deny the claims all while James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, and Julian Assange’s Wikileaks are putting out leaks and undercover videos proving that Trump is right.

That isn’t stopping Ohio Governor John Kasich from speaking out on the topic, though.  This is the same John Kasich whose Political Action Committee took over $200,000 from a Soros foundation. Via CBS News:

“Look, to say that elections are rigged and all these votes are stolen — that’s like saying we never landed on the moon, frankly,” said Kasich. “That’s how silly it is.”

The Ohio governor further criticized Trump’s position for sowing paranoia about the integrity of democratic institutions.

“I don’t think it’s good for our country, for our democracy, and I don’t believe we have any massive fraud,” Kasich said. “We don’t have that. That’s just a silly argument.”

“The problem is it does create doubt in people’s minds and I worry about 25 percent of Americans who may say when the election’s over that it was stolen,” he added. “That is a big, fat joke.”

For the millionth time, we in the United States have a representative republic, NOT A DEMOCRACY.  And how Kasich, who is governor of one of the states that is regularly targeted as a “swing” state thus making voter fraud and rigging low hanging fruit for the scheming opportunists of the Democratic machine, can go on national television and deny that it’s happening when proof is popping up like weeds…..


No matter how much the GOPe and the Democrats deny it, rigged elections have been a part of the American landscape for a very long time.  The people are finally waking up to that reality.  It would be nice if our “leadership” would do the same.


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