Soldiers are Forced to Act Fast to Save a Puppy Rigged With ISIS Bomb, Watch What Happens…



Dogs have been in combat with US soldiers during every major conflict, but the difference is, we use them to detect the bombs and save lives, not become the bomb and kill everything around them.

ISIS cowards are now sending animals to do their work and act as suicide bombers. Believe it or not, ISIS militants have even used chickens to spread their wrath.

They strap explosive devices to the chickens, and then let them out to wander into enemy camps.

Once the birds have moved to within striking distance of the target, without arousing any suspicion, the ISIS jihadis evidently use remote controls to set off the bombs, killing everyone in the vicinity.

They used the same concept in this video posted to the libtard Facebook page. The caption reads:

Kurdish fighters save puppy with bomb strapped to it from ISIS.

“This poor puppy was trapped with IEDs by ISIS (Islamic State). The explosive were tied to his leg, after defusing it, the Kurdish Peshemrga are trying to bandage the little Puppy, but he is in much pain as you can see. It seem that ISIS are running out of Suicide bombers, so they use animal to carry out IED attack, from cows, to Donkeys to Dogs, Cats and even little Puppy like this one.”


This is just further proof that ISIS militants will find any way possible to kill, and their evil knows no limits.