Socialism Is The Politics Of Envy, Sanders Feeding On Resentment


The Bill Whittle video is titled Bernie Sanders and the Politics of Envy. He recounts his experience speaking at a progressive high school last week and his attempts to enlighten them in spite of their Sanders-polluted brains.

He spent 5-10 minutes broadly outlining his beliefs and then to follow it up with a lengthy question and answer session, the substance of which was mostly Bernie Sanders and socialism. He describes one of the high points of those conversations as being a discussion with one student about the Sanders idea of a 97 percent tax rate. Whittle asked the kid why anybody in their right mind would work their butt off for three cents on the dollar, as nobody would. The kid missed the logic, offering a pathetic and pointless response that the tax rate didn’t kick in until one attained an income of $400K.

Whittle then adjusted his question to reflect that threshold, asking why anyone would work to earn a cent over that amount, with the full knowledge that they’d be virtually donating their time. Along those same lines of thought, why would anyone open a second restaurant, factory or other business that would employ lower income wage earners if there’s nothing in it for them, no return on their risk? Once again the answer is simple, nobody would.

Whittle’s not being fair to the students. They’ve only got their rhetoric and campaign speeches for reference, Whittle has years of examples of failed communist states to draw upon for reference.

He then tells a favorite story, about recognition, value, earning versus arbitrary gifts and envy.  He says the difference between respect and envy is the difference between capitalism and socialism, a lesson which he thinks may not have been completely lost on the easy socialist prey.

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