So WRONG! See What Our Troops Have Been Forced To Do Since Obama Has De-Funded Our Military

F/14A Tomcat aboard the Essex class Aircraft Carrier USS Yorktown at Patriot's Point near Charleston South Carolina.

F/14A Tomcat aboard the Essex class Aircraft Carrier USS Yorktown at Patriot's Point near Charleston South Carolina.

It’s disgusting how Obama has shredded our Military funding!  As he closes Gitmo because it costs to much to run, we have Marine officers warning us that the Corps’ aviation service is being stretched to the breaking point.

A House Armed Service Committee member Mac Thorberry said,“It’s emblematic of the readiness problems across the force,” a committee staffer told me. So, Thornberry laid out his case for a readiness crisis at the hearing:

“Recently, I have heard first-hand from service members who have looked me in the eye and told of:


  • “trying to cannibalize parts from a museum aircraft in order to get current aircraft ready to fly the overseas mission assigned by as early as June.

  •  getting aircraft that were sent to the boneyard in Arizona back and ready to fly missions;

  • pilots flying well below the minimum number of hours required for minimal proficiency and flying fewer training hours than the adversaries they are being sent to meet;

  • not having enough senior enlisted people to train and supervise younger ones and those who remain working very long hours day after day; Some are working a demanding 20 to 21 hour day.

  • service members buying basic supplies, like pens and cleaning supplies and paper towels out of their own pocket, because otherwise it would take three to four months to get them if they could get them at all.


And he hauled out the standard facts service leaders have told Congress for the last few years.

Aviation units in the Marine Corps cannot meet training and mission requirements. With ‘less than one-third of Army forces at acceptable levels of readiness,’ the Army is ‘not at a level that is appropriate for what the American people would expect to defend them,’” Thornberry said. “‘Less than half [of the Air Force] combat forces are ready for… a high-end fight.’ It is the “smallest, oldest, and least ready [force] across the full-spectrum of operations in our history.’ This testimony across the Services is remarkably consistent, candid, and disturbing.”

It will take up until 2020, almost 5 years, to fix this problem and it will take until 2028 until we are at high enough  readiness levels to take on and/or cope with a high end war.

Americans, say your prayers for our Military, they need them, and fast!



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