Special Snowflakes Con Professor After Hillary Loss


One would think the faculty at Yale would be trying to actually forge adults out of the special snowflakes in their care.  Alas, no such luck.  On Wednesday, November 9, the day after Hillary Clinton lost her bid for the presidency, a number of Econ 115 students contacted the professor with tales of depression, woe, and other symptoms of mourning.  The professor, unidentified at the time of this writing, in tern made a midterm exam optional.

No, this is not a joke.  The special snowflakes appealed to the compassion of the individual and he or she did something the nuns at this writer’s high school never would have done.  To wit:



Yep, that is correct.  The mid-term exam is optional. At least for this class.  The biology midterm, on the other hand, is still on.

The students cite the “emotional toll” of an election for which the consequences cannot possibly be realized by all of them if they think that this is an occasion to actually beg out of a midterm exam.  Seriously, what kind of kids are being raised by Americans?  Certainly not adults with well established emotional stability.  Not even.

This incident at Yale is just one of many reported across the United States on the day after Hillary Clinton was denied re-entry into public office.  With the number of criminal implications and actual pieces of evidence surfacing thanks to patriots within the U.S. government, mature voters who think with their heads and not their hearts or lady parts basically saved the country for a little longer.  The special snowflakes don’t get that.  In fact, they got exactly what they should not have gotten: more cossetting.

THIS is the future of the country.  THIS is the generation that will gnash teeth in order to not grow up.  They got next pagetheir way this time. Wonder what will happen to them when they run into someone who won’t negotiate.

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