SLASHERS Loose in New York! 12 Victims Already

slashers claim 13th

SLASHERS Loose in New York!

12 slashing victims and counting. Police have found few clues and fewer connections. New Yorkers are on edge. The situation sounds like the start to a mystery novel. Unfortunately, it is all too real.

Man wielding knfe

Man wielding knife

A dozen people have fallen victim to slashers in recent months. Now, the events are escalating. Here is what we know:

1) None of those attacked are connected to each other in any way.

2) All were assaulted by men wielding razors or knives.

3) Some of the victims had communication with their assailants just prior, while others had no contact with their attackers whatsoever.

A 32 year old man was waiting for a Southbound train in Harlem when he was slashed in the face.

29 year old Natalie Lewis was waiting for a train in Brooklyn with her sister when she was bumped by a man. They argued briefly, then a short while later the man pulled out a blade and attacked her.

4) The victims vary in age and gender.

A grandmother in Lower Manhattan, 71 years old, was seated alone on the subway when she was assaulted.

Anthony Christopher Smith, 30, was walking in the East Village with his earbuds in when he was shoved from behind. The assailant slashed him up and down his neck and face. Smith stated that the man just walked off afterward. The injuries required 150 stitches.

In Chelsea, 24 year old Amanda Morris was attacked and cut earlier this month by a stranger while on her way to work at Whole Foods.

5) The frequency is climbing. All 5 of the listed assaults occurred within the last month.

6) Arrests have been made in some of the cases.

Police Commissioner William J. Bratton tried to quell any rumors of a link between the incidents. “Each one seems to have its own motivation when we make the arrest and we get into what was behind it.”

Police are said to be redoubling their efforts on the subways.

The randomness of the attacks coupled with the seeming lack of motive is causing a sense of alarm. No one knows when the next slashing will occur or who will be targeted.

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source: MSN