BREAKING! Shots Fired! White House Staff Went Into LOCK DOWN Mode

Shots Fired

BREAKING! Shots Fired! White House Staff Went Into LOCK DOWN Mode

Shots Fired


The White House staff had a terrifying afternoon.  Around 3 p.m., there were shots fired around the White House.  Fortunately, it wasn’t inside but they were darn close.

Federal law enforcement agencies said the shooting was on West Executive Drive, which separates the White House from the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

Shootings in this vicinity are taken very seriously due to acts of terrorism and security has to protect the government staff.  The reporters in the White House briefing room were ordered to go to the White House basement for shelter and keep in place during lock down. They were in lock down mode for about an hour.

The United States Park Police have jurisdiction of the White House area’s surroundings and they reported that a suspect was near a security check point and had brandished a gun. He was shot in the abdomen by Secret Service Officers and taken into custody.

Earlier, the police said the suspect had opened fired on the White House Complex. This is when the staff went into lock down. “Shooting on W. Executive Dr. PIO en route to 17th and Pennsylvania,” the law enforcement agency tweeted.

During this time, Vice President Joe Biden was secured in the White House Complex and Mr. Obama, was out golfing in Maryland at Andrews Air Force Base!

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