Sheriff Tells Congress Obama Destroying Law Enforcement Against Illegals


On Tuesday, Sheriff Chuck Jenkins of Frederick, MD, testified before a House subcommittee on the damage done to innocent Americans and our society in general by illegal immigration. The impact of illegal aliens in the United States is multiplied by the failure of DHS to enforce the border as well as their reluctance to repatriate illegals, and their predisposition to welcoming them into the United States and allowing them to stay, in direct violation of federal law and their duty.

The criminal alien gang members are growing across the nation,” says Sheriff Jenkins, “and the serious crimes are increasing. There is also a direct nexus between action on unaccompanied minors of two years ago and the increases we are seeing now in gang crimes. In his county alone Jenkins’s Department has validated over 75 transnational gang members with many more suspected. His county is a long way away from the Mexican border, but the tentacles of illegal alien gang activity and the Mexican cartels reach into all pockets of the United States.

He cites a number of statistics, including that 64 percent of the gang members encountered in 2015 were “unaccompanied juveniles” when they entered the US. “They are now adults,” he says, “committing more serious crimes.”

He also notes that in 2014, 8 criminal aliens were charged with rape and sexual assault of children between the ages of five and fourteen.

Sheriff Jenkins unleashes a brutal factual accounting of the negative influence the lawless Obama regime has had on the illegal alien criminal activity, saying, “Since 2008 this administration has weakened immigration enforcement by dismissing deportation cases, rescinding 287(g) agreements, encouraging sanctuary policies and weakening detainer policies. ICE directives have limited enforcement priorities, suspended many thousands of removals, granted deferred actions and suspended many removals for aliens who falsely claim to be victims.

He also notes that the rank and file officers with ICE want to do their jobs but are simply not allowed to do so. The ICE leadership, all the way up to the White House is dysfunctional.  Jenkins says at the highest levels of ICE he believes it to be totally incapable of doing its job and carrying out the mission.

He notes that through the deliberate actions of the Obama regime and Secretary Jeh Johnson, illegal alien criminals who should have been deported have instead been returned to our streets and provided the opportunity to commit more crimes against American citizens.

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